Attending PAX East? Saturday night EME hangout!


If you're going to PAX East, come hang out with En Mass staff on Saturday night! We'd love to meet with our players, share stories, and explore Boston with you guys. En Masse Entertainment will have a booth in the PAX East expo hall this year, and several EME staff members will be at the event including Kimmander (CEO Sam Kim), Singlebear, Denommenator, and myself :)

Please fill out this form before Tuesday, March 7 so we can gauge group size and secure a meet up time/location that's appropriate. The PAX East expo hall closes at 6 p.m. each night so we're considering a 7 p.m. start time on Saturday.

If you're attending PAX East with fellow players, guildies, or just friends please pay attention to the last question on that form. We want to make sure we account for everyone.


  • Yo, if anyone attends this; ASK QUESTIONS, get some real feedback, and share that with the community. The CEO himself will be there - this is a foreign invested company, and they aren't BHS, and there are a lot of things that are out of their hands, but this can be an incredibly valuable time to bring up legitimate concerns and get some honest, candid feedback. Of course chat with them and be friendly & genuine, and don't make it all about work, but for the love of the game and its community do some recon!

    Side note, props @Spacecats and EME for putting this together. I think this can benefit everyone involved and overall will be lots of fun. Nothing means more to players than feeling like they aren't just a dollar sign.
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    Will there be a Q&A session with Kimmander (CEO Sam Kim), Singlebear, Denommenator, and myself?
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    Ginjitsu wrote: »
    Will there be a Q&A session with Kimmander (CEO Sam Kim), Singlebear, Denommenator, and myself?

    Not a formal Q&A session, no. This is more of a casual hangout to relax after the day's events and get to know people. We like talking about our games. You can ask us questions if you don't mind us asking you a few ;D
  • On the first question, if I check not attending am I excluded from this? Want to make sure because I really would like to meet up with my Tera family.
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    It might be a little tricky to meet up with us since we'll probably start inside the convention center (or near it) and there isn't really much else nearby. But no, checking the "not attending PAX East" box doesn't exclude you from hanging out with us. It's mostly to help us keep track of people.
  • Ah ok. Thanks for the clarification :pleased:.
  • Omg so sad I am no where near MA. I wish I could go, it would be a dream come true lol.
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    Should make a PAX in chicago.
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    if someone go can ask about crit chance equation please. than post here for us =D
  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭

    You mean if crit factor is a curve or a direct relation from stats vs crit resist?

    I think you can ask but your question wont be answered because there wont be anyone related with developement or optimization.
  • ElinUsagi wrote: »
    I think you can ask but your question wont be answered because there wont be anyone related with developement or optimization.
    Yeah, there's no point in asking EME staff about something like this as they have never seen the code for this. The only people who know are BHS developers, and I don't think they have plans to share it.
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    ElinUsagi wrote: »

    You mean if crit factor is a curve or a direct relation from stats vs crit resist?

    I think you can ask but your question wont be answered because there wont be anyone related with developement or optimization.

    they know, i belive, the only dont publish maybe because BHS doesn't allow it.

    Its not a direct line, (BHS already said that in ktera, i have the link if anyone want).

    there are several factors that affect crit chance:

    the most important: your crit factor and enemy crit resist
    Secondary effects: skill base crit chance, direction(front/front-side/back-side/side), passives, glyphs, carving (its not flat 3%, it is affect by glyphs), enemy level difference (also not linear).

    if the could tell only if the general form of the equation is, that would be enough :
    • y=a*x^b with 0<b<1==Power
    • y=a*x/(b+c*x) == Michaelis-Menten (funny if c is 0, the crit chance would be linear)
    • y=a*(1-exp(-b*x)) b>0 == Exponential
    • y=a*ln(b*x+c)+d == Logaritimic

    where x= crit factor
    y=crit chance
    all other effect enter in the coeficients.

    would be a great help
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    I'm just copy pasting something Lynnetta wrote a while back but it could be great if you could answer any of these questions (more like suggestions). There ARE some things I won't agree like the skycastle suggestion but she (maybe he ) has several pretty good points I want you guys a to check out! Thanks! (I would be so happy if eme responds to this)

    "I’ve been playing Tera EU for a few years before coming to NA and despite a few frustrations I may encounter, I love playing Tera. I have enjoyed playing this game since I first started so many years ago, but there are things that I would like to see improved or changed. My suggestions to improve Tera are:

    First priority should be to fix the lag and random server disconnects. Before any new patches and new end game content this should be the first item on the agenda to patch. The rest of my suggestions are in no particular order. But seriously, a major overhaul for stable game performance and NO lag disconnects, long loading screens, etc. Optimize the game already! I know my PC isn’t the best, but if I can play other games without a hitch, then why can’t I play Tera without all these issues? Hasn’t the cash shop made enough money yet for some improvements to the game?

    We need better character customization, to have more ability to be able to create/change our character and have a more unique look. Introduce new features on the customization screen like height, body type, eye color, etc. Let us create the character we want to play and not have to choose the same pre-generated ones offered. Maybe I want a certain hair style, but different horns or ears and tails. Let us be able to have more customization over features like tattoos, scars, makeup, body paint, piercings, and more. Why can’t we change the color of the Elin’s and Popori’s ears and tails? Being able to increase muscles or make reductions and additional voice options to choose from would be nice too. Customization is my favorite part of any game and the more customization the better. I can spend hours on character creations and I would love to have an extensive customization options in Tera. The ability to change hairstyles, ears types, tattoos, eye color, makeup, war paint, scars, more color options, horns, tails, Body builds/types like height & weight, muscles, etc. separately and not have to choose a pre-generated character are what should be added to the game customization screen as there is very little difference in what you can do now.

    Since the new beginner island was updated, it’s about time the rest of Tera and the quests/story were updated as well. However, I do miss the old Island of Dawn, which reminds me the reason I enjoyed it was for the fact that it felt more open and engaging than the new island, plus it didn’t force me to solo things. I like to play with friends, so all this solo content needs to be replaced. If I want to play solo, I’ll choose for myself, please don’t force it on me. If that can’t happen, how about having a different starting area for each race, like the reaper does. It would give a bit more backstory to the race you play and it would make it more interesting at least when replaying as different classes.

    I also feel like the whole game needs to be redone/redesigned as you level way too quickly, you don't need to explore the world and miss many of the beautiful areas in the game. Slow down leveling, so players can play the game and not be forced to rush to level 65. What’s the point in having a bunch of new players not knowing how to play the game when they hit level 65? If players really wanted to reach the end game content quickly then all they would need to do should be queue for instances and battlegrounds. Decrease the experience given out and less XP scrolls. Maybe choose whether you want the experience or perhaps something else like gold for completing a quest and let the player choose. While some people may want to get to the max level as quickly as possible, many people new to the game or people that actually enjoy slowly questing and leveling don’t want to be rushed to 65. I am a casual gamer and don’t really care for end game content. Many of my friends tried the game and felt lost as they were thrown into the game and didn’t know what to do. A few stayed on and I helped them through the game, but many quit due to frustration. Why do I need to explain how to do things or what to do or even worse send them links to guides? Shouldn’t the game be more user friendly and find a way to explain how to play the game or the controls and many features throughout their playthrough? There should be quests to teach new players more about the game and for experienced players they should be able to skip these quests. Maybe make them a new color to distinguish them from the other quests? Don’t keep catering to the veterans that have been playing the game for years and know what to do, try to make it more user friendly to new players so they don’t feel lost and maybe you’ll gain more people that won’t quit early. I’m tired of handing out my buddy-up code to people that will quit or give up on the game.
    As for the buddy-up code, I think it’s time that was updated as well. Why not give a permanent costume and mount instead of temporary ones? I don’t see why they can’t have the zebra mount for free and maybe some fashion coupons to be able to get an armor or weapon skin. Update game gear, so that each item for new players isn’t the same chest piece but with a different color. Make each one unique, so they feel like they are getting better equipment as they progress. Same with weapons. It’s just a little touch for the people that aren’t going to spend money buying a costume right off the bat and want to enjoy progressing through the game from level 1 to 65. Also, older mounts should be purchasable with gold and maybe be bought from different stables throughout Tera’s cities or exchanged with coupons. With flying mounts out, the older mounts should become available for those that want them or can’t afford a flying mount or maybe some people like to collect them like Pokémon.

    NO MORE RNG BOXES! There will always be players throwing money at the game, so stop with the boxes please. Bring back old mounts and make them available as Account Bound and maybe make some loot pets and/or costumes Account Bound. I’d pay more for Account Bound items, so that I know I can always have it available in case I delete a character or make another on a different server. Make old weapon skins available for all new classes. Maybe have a contest for who can create some designs for them? Another thing I would like to see would be a permanent firery halo. EU has them, so why can’t NA? More free emotes and NOT locked to any conditions such as having to wear specific outfits or gender based. Can someone make the hat that the Flight Manager wears an item in game? I’d purchase a few of them! Player housing would be a nice touch too. You can make some money by selling items to furnish the houses, just remember to get rid of RNG loot boxes and just sell things outright, even if you need to raise prices. What about those empty sky castles? Couldn’t you create more of those sky castles and have the sky castles as player houses? Put a price tag on it and someone will pay for it.

    New story/quest and open world. The whole game needs to be revamped as you can play for a few hours and level from 0 to 65 and not know how to play your class. Where's the progression, questing, leveling and learning? Tera has some amazing places and it’s a shame that it’s being forgotten and left behind. Make use of these areas and bring people back to the open world, and not just during events like mongo hunting. Maybe introduce new quests throughout the world, more PvE achievements and rewards. No more empty zones. You have so many areas that are not being explored. Make use of them! Open world content with no hidden walls/barriers or flight limits. No forced soloing in an MMO game! If I am with a group of friends, why do I need to leave my party to advance certain quests? Why not add casinos in Castanica? Slot machines, wheel of fortune, card games, etc. Add things to do in areas/towns to make players want to venture and explore! Mini games would be fun and updated reputation credit items. More advanced reputation system with more achievable items that can be traded. Maybe mini games can help gain reputation points or coupons to spend?

    Ability to fly without bumping into invisible walls or altitude limits. If I see a tall buildings or mountain, I want to be able to fly up to it not hit an invisible wall. Height limits are fine, if they are at least higher than the highest structure/landmark. I want to be able to fly over and not into things. Get rid of the limit on flying and if it’s an issue with PvP, then make it a PvE server exclusive. Also, why can I be shot down from my dragon while flying when my archer can’t even shoot that far? Why can the Pegasus Flight take us across a continent, but our own flying mounts can’t stay aloft to even make it across a quarter of the terrain?

    Now that we have flying mounts, where are the floating cities and cloud areas to explore? Besides areas to traverse and quest on land, maybe have more areas above as well as below? What about having water mounts? Aquatic mounts and the ability to dive under water and maybe even have underwater cities to visit? Have some sort of magic item that you can acquire/buy to be able to breathe underwater or something that can make the characters turn into aquatic versions of their race while in the sea. This could also be the introduction to new non-gender locked races. Please stop gender/race locking new classes. Make a flying race like a Faerie. There are faeries in Tera, why not have them as a playable race? The one I saw in Dragonfall,Felar, she was just a bit shorter than my Popori. They don’t have to be “flying” but hovering off the ground. That would be a cute race to play. Not sure what an aquatic race could be, but maybe have a contest to see what the community can come up with?

    Update/fix crafting and make it a part of the game again. Perhaps, instead of collecting the same old ore, plants, and energy, it could be more open with different items to collect from the environment. What about the ability to go fishing or catch those toads, pigs and lizards found around Tera? Bring back item/gold drops from killing mobs/BAMS without a level limit. They could drop new items just for crafting. Please try to reinvent crafting and make it something enjoyable and maybe add other professions like cooking. I want something other to do than just combat in dungeons and/or battlegrounds. Also, instances can take hours if nobody is queuing it, especially at lower levels. Maybe allow higher level players to queue for lower dungeons and have their gear/levels change to match the dungeon level and maybe some sort of loot/reward as an incentive to do these dungeons and help out new players.

    Better UI customization. Combine the mini map and the compass into one to take up less screen space. More pets to adopt, maybe even make some of them available in game to hunt/raise/hatch/breed or something to do rather than always waiting for dungeon runs. The ability to climb down ladders instead of jumping and taking fall damage would be nice. More achievements with more rewards even if it’s a non-loot pet. Maybe we can catch and raise monsters to battle in the Bamarama arena?

    Although I doubt that most of this will ever happen in my lifetime, I’d gladly pay a monthly subscription for a Tera that had all of the above!!! Well, that’s my two cents. Thanks."

    Anyway thanks for reading! Sorry about this wall of text but I hope this has an impact!

    Much love,

    Edit: when I said a while back it was like a week ago... oops
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    That letter is... quite the wishlist! (A bit more than two cents! :p ) I mean, a lot of them are good ideas, but she's right: most of that will never happen in our lifetimes. The amount of development hours that represents is pretty astronomical (probably at least 4-5 years of full-team development work assuming you stop other on-going priorities). Hope they'll incorporate some of those ideas in their next MMO (and still wishful for a few of them here).
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