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RMHM (Skiping the soul spheres)



  • Good job posting this.. way to make runs longer because your cry baby attitude
  • Thanks guys, this is one we're already looking into. Moving this thread to the bug forums.
  • AnjonAnjon ✭✭
    This might be the first time I've ever seen players complain about a dungeon exploit... Several major dungeons have had exploits in the past and we just used them as if they were a normal part of the run. We certainly never insulted players for using them. Remember the jumps in MCHM's second boss room? Or jumping through the wall to skip trash mobs? How about climbing the rocks in Wonderholme to skip the platforming? Logging out in Temple of Temerity to preserve your buffs? What about using a sorc or gunner to solo the ring in Timespace?

    I hope we don't pull out torches and pitchforks every time an exploit is found in a dungeon now. Also, that will probably be a lot of torches and pitchforks if BHS' track record is any indication.
  • Most of the "bug exploit" comparisons in this thread don't really work. The SSHM res-bait is not a bug exploit. The boss is supposed to off-target you when you try to res. It just might be at worst and unintended consequence, but the behavior is entirely intentional. The same goes for gunner recall/sorc warp barrier in TSHM. That skill works differently than normal iframes which we saw in SCHM when they were the only classes that could eat the slam. Once again I don't think that's a "bug" because the skills are technically working as the developers intended, it was just a design oversight on their part at worst. The same goes for logging in/out for ToT. It's not a "bug" things are working as they intend them to work.

    Stuff like skipping trash or goating past an easy but time wasting platforming section are not even remotely comparable in terms of severity. The soul sphere bug legitimately trivializes the fight. The only close comparison is the Melkatran exploit which people did complain about on the forums. I distinctly remember it. It's still not entirely the same because it's also the result of how BHS handles being hit while jumping, but it is an issue that they accidentally left a tiny part of the room safe from the room-wide wipe. You're also likely not going to get much support from that comparison though just because the context of these two bugs are completely different. We all know that generally speaking the last boss in most dungeons is the one that matters. Melkatran was weaker than even some of the trash in MCHM. Nobody cares about the "challenge" that melkatran provides. Which doesn't make it -not- a bug exploit, but as someone who actually enjoys RMHM, getting dragged along in a bug exploit run legitimately ruins any fun and challenge that the dungeon is going to provide.

  • EastiEasti ✭✭
    They fix it like a BRHM bug... so never xD
  • archELITEarchELITE ✭✭
    edited March 2017
    This DG is too easy without the soulspheres. The only thing that can wipe is Lachelith get the buff of "Hold Your fate in my hand". Fix or remove this DG as soon as possible.

    Now, the only hard boss of this DG is the first one.
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