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Lack of tanks.. AGAIN!!



  • CatoriiCatorii ✭✭✭
    If they fixed war tank, I'd go back to being a tank when I'm not healing, but, well...that'll happen in a year, maybe more, whenever BHS decides to stop just slapping more aggro on war tank like it'll fix the class.

    You kind of have to expect this whenever a new DPS class comes out. FotM players are now rerolling ninjas because ninja can do more damage. Only people that really enjoy tanking are going to stick with brawler/lancer. We just had an influx of tanks last patch because brawler was the most broken class in the game.
  • Look tht brawler "nerf" was not bad at all i still smash and even in dungens bams are nothing so i have no clue what u guys r talking about guess it just comes down to skill [filtered] tera and nerfs i still smash so quit crying.
  • RxktRxkt ✭✭✭
    all the brawlers/tanks are playing ninja. tanks are afk as [filtered]
  • FelhammerFelhammer ✭✭✭
    They nerfed brawler because of a community uproar especially with PvP.

    Unfortunately this uproar has resulted in what you now see in game. They took away a lot from brawlers. Now in PvP I can't argue much. But given the lack of brawler mobility how do you expect them to tank Imperator? They can't unless Quick Dash Cooldown resets (which believe me is rare af). Dmg isn't the issue for brawler......Mobility is.
  • SinastriaSinastria ✭✭✭
    Well, i'm still playing brawl.

    Yes, the nerf isn't a big issue.
    Yes, mobility is quite bothersome.
    Yes, i'd trade some domage with a tad more mobility.
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