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Etching Mats - Lack of Titan Ember at Ninja patch



  • HippyKHippyK ✭✭
    From memory titans embers were:
    • about 250g last Nov
    • up to 650g+ in Jan
    • down to 100g a few weeks ago
    • now at around 250g

    They were 100g because of the blue box event and other changes that meant they dropped like candy. And.. because there were so many embers/eases about they were no longer the limiting factor/scarce part of etching.. instead scarabs were. Which meant in the last couple of months aurora scarabs for example have gone from about 8g to 40g and white dendrite prices have followed suit.

    650g was nasty, but I'm not sure 250g is much of a problem really. Now it is a guaranteed drop from Ghillie ember prices should be self correcting.

    That is, if you can do say 8 ghillies (across different characters) in half an hour then that is 16 embers/hour. At 250 per ember that is a rate of 4000g per hour. If prices went up to 500g each then that would be 8k gold per hour from ghillie.

    The higher prices go the more rewarding ghillie will be in relation to other things, the more people will do it, and the more downward pressure on ember prices. It isn't the same as in Jan where ember drops were just random dungeon events and there was no where you could go to farm them.

    Ember prices are high now because no one is doing ghillie , instead they are all doing the new content and trying desperately to get feed. When the feed problem is fixed I'd expect ember prices to drop, but maybe not to 100g again.

    I think 250g is fine, but either way, my market tip is (if embers stay 250g-ish), to sell out of scarabs/dendrites now. Once embers return to their place as being the scarce part of etching then there will be a glut of scarabs/dendrites and their price will plummet.
  • MagraalMagraal ✭✭✭
    It would be awesome to see Collaboration Crates (remember those?) added to the Vanguard merchant.
  • Thomastic wrote: »
    I have over 1000 titans ember in bank from level 60, oh well! Not going to help you guys anyway :angry:
    And? ┐(・-・。)┌
  • hinniehinnie
    edited May 2016
    @Spacecats @Denommenator @Treeshark pls help! titan ember price has risen to 900gold per ember in HW server! help to make it purchaseable via tokens or drop more plsssssss
  • KahzRBKahzRB ✭✭
    Titan ember @ 900g lawl??? I'm trying to sell my titan fire @ around 750g each, no one is buying.
  • kedroskedros ✭✭
    I wonder why >.<
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