I can't take it anymore, with the new polearm-wielding female-only class



  • This has been asked and answered many times;
    it's all about money, females characters make more of it.

    this thread is male locked characters, but is really asking the same thing

    Male option >>> more money for development and less money made when released >>> not going to happen
  • RKCRKC ✭✭✭
    I dont mind gender locked classes as long as the class itself is fun to use.

    Anyways who wants to see a mans buttocks while playing this game. I dont get it all my characters are all female, because of dat [filtered]. :)
  • Desperate guys have to look at the butt all day because they can't get any in real life :p
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    This Thread also seems to have run it's course, and i'm going to close it.
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