Stop putting alkahest and spellbind as jackpots/prizes in future events



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    HecateNyx wrote: »
    the price of alkahests make it very very difficult to make any gold in this game now. the last thing we need is MORE alks in the game.

    Here are some questions you should answer by yourself, no need to reply:

    1) What will you spend on with your gold?

    2) What are other people typically spending on gold?

    3) Are the vanguard daily gold enough for a newbie player to advance at this current stage?

    The truth in Tera is as long as there is no real function for gold outside from broker trading, you don't really need it if you get everything. There is as of now no meaning to gold for anyone who has enough resources for the next patch. The only price that will eventually rise would be the rare costumes, and those are usually only sought for by the minority of the community.

    The problem right now isn't making gold really, but rather that everything is spoonfed to anyone who just mass grind the entire week, and was so overflowing that even people who missed the events can get materials cheaply still, making the necessity to grind "gold" much lesser than it was previously, which is a good thing. The bad thing however, is that there is not much other content to keep the average player interested after they get their midtier gear: higher tiers are out of reach for many players who either don't have good reflexes or bad pc specifications (when in doubt, try playing hm dungeons at 3fps average and you get my current situation right now), and the reason of grinding gold has also been thrown out of the window. No more content to run = players looking out for other games.
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    They claimed that they did listen to players but this event proved otherwise.
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    all we need is aurum
    in fact, every strongbox in the game should have an aurum inside, and everytime you open a box you should receive 1 Aurum.
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