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[CH] Lost Echo is looking for you! ~LV50+ Pve endgame Guild~

~Celestial Hills' "Lost Echo" Guild Recruitment~


Hi, I'm Babbel, an officer from 'Lost Echo' and I'm looking for you!
Are you a regular player and looking for a nice guild to grow in? Then maybe this is the place for you!

Let me tell you a bit about ourselves
Our guild was formed 5+ months ago by Jevel, our Guild Master, and has been going strong ever since. We are a very active guild with members all over the world, with a nice mix of all timezones, from NA to EU, all the way to Asia and beyond! So you'll never have to worry if people will be on in your timezone.
We are also currently the smallest guild with the highest rank from all the guilds. As of right now, we are rank 21 on CH, Which are very proud of and work hard for \o/

Furthermore, we are just a crazy, close-knit family who like to hang out, talk to each other, run dungeons, events and raids and just have fun together in general. ^^

How to apply:
We do have a few pointers on how to apply for our guild

*You must be LVL 50+
*Have a helpful attitude. Whether its helping with gquests every once and a while, or just helping other members if they need help.
*You will start off as a "Tryout" rank for one week. We like to use that week to confirm you are active and help out the guild. After your first week, if all goes well, you will be granted "Member" and will be able to join our discord group as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go apply via in game guild search or feel free message one of the following: Jevel, Momoe, Azialina, Tessa.Chan, Makoz, Oshekiel, or Babbellin!


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