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2nd Corsair's Stronghold Power Hour not working again

So far in March, on Fey Forest, every time there's a CS power hour scheduled, the 2nd one in the day (the one that is supposed to go from 4-10PM 5-11PM Pacific) only works for like 5 minutes then ends. Today's no different, it's not working like it should be.

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    Try at 5pm PST, the time slot moved because of Daylight Savings.
  • Yeah it's not working in AV either.
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    Jedoii wrote: »
    Try at 5pm PST, the time slot moved because of Daylight Savings.

    My bad, it's 5pm-11pm Pacific, was reading the Calendar schedule like a derp, but still it's 6pm now.
  • That would be the 3rd friday in a row that its not on.
  • Yeah, CS power hour is not working atm. I ran a couple of matches and it only gave regular credits.
  • would it help if EME formally cancel PH for CS?
  • rip cs

    im no sure why cs power up are bug, im remember server crash last weekend wen they enabled jack pot in cs
  • This is the 2nd? Week in a row and no one from eme letting us know they have received our complaint. Can we get a response at least with "we are looking into it" or even their "soon™"

    It's the 3rd week, and it still hasn't been addressed yet rofl.
  • I've taken a deeper look at this, and reconfigured the 2x rewards for Corsairs, it should work from now on.
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