How do I use Paypal in the TERA store?

I assume I need to connect my paypal to my account, but I can't figure out how to do it...any help? I select paypal and end up with a 119 error's the only error not listed on what to do @[email protected].


  • Error Code 119 mainly comes up when the Web Browser has Opted-In to auto-fill some specific personal information, and on that particular page, by default it can cause the page to not display the "State" field as a separate box to input information into, until after you have specifically typed in your city and country.

    To force the "State" box to appear, I believe after putting in the city, you need to tab down to the Country/State dropdown selection, choose any other Country than what the default selection is, then choose United States or the country that applies to you, and you should see the State dropdown box appear above the Country/State dropdown.

    From there you put in any state, or you can try putting in information that most accurately fits your billing information, and then proceed on with the purchase.

    The Error Code : 119 should no longer appear.
  • Ah, entering it all manually fixed it, thank you.
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