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Update Thread: In-game Issues



  • Sedenna wrote: »
    Fashion coupons cant be preview and Lucid gear awakened dont work to enchant

    For the awakening issue they're soliciting feedback here. I also posted screenshots of the fashion coupon items that can't be previewed -- they do work once you buy them at least.
  • SedennaSedenna ✭✭
    Also when you try to dye the fashion at coupons it dont work to preview as well. I only have 600 coupons so i have to wait for preview to work so i can buy something i like and not random :(. Thank you
  • ReezReez ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Myself and other players are not able to see some of the mechanics in SS (blue pizza on Dakyuron, cage on Imperator). Can you guys do what you did for FIHM and fix this so we can properly know where to run to for these mechanics? Thanks.
    @Treeshark @Spacecats
  • 56P9H6LM6A wrote: »

    I've been having this message pop up everytime i log into one of my characters. I can log into my other characters just fine but this one in particular it will go to the loading screen, load to 77% then I get kicked. I've tried troubleshooting, updating the graphics card, msconfig, and even had to reinstall steam to my computer. It's really bumming me out! Help?

    That error message pops up when the TERA client crashes for a reason not covered by our regular error codes. My guess would be that there is a problem with the data associated with one of your characters which causes it to not load properly. Please submit a help ticket with our support team and let them know which character is causing the problem. They will be able to help resolve this problem for you.
  • TorchideTorchide ✭✭✭
    Spacecats wrote: »
    • Lowering iLevel Requirements for Vanguard Quests

    I'm still waiting.

    Relevant image:


    Yet to see any dev acknowledgement on this. Please correct me if I am wrong @Treeshark @Geletron @Spacecats @Denommenator
  • Brawler Rampage block cancel should consume rage right now its like having a extremely op gap closer with no cd please fix this
  • BrofessorXBrofessorX ✭✭✭
    i also dont feel like im getting the correct amount of reward points each time.
  • MyuuMewMyuuMew ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    SaraHoshi wrote: »
    I thought we were getting VG rewards changed? They're the same as before the 2x points?
    That wider issue was being investigated, but changes weren't promised for this particular patch.
    MyuuMew wrote: »
    Apparently the butterfly weapon skin is invisible(?)
    This one is definitely something with your computer or patch. I would check to make sure you've never installed any mods or anything, or otherwise run a repair.

    I have patched it multiple times and its only with that butterfly shuriken.
    All other in game weapons skin or even just basic weapons work fine. And I dont even use mods since they will obviously break with ninja patch.
  • PixelatorPixelator ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Is the lowered achievement points requirement for Champion Laurel intended? At the moment, one only needs around 11000 points, compared to the expected 12,184.

    Just wanted a heads up in the event that a future patch fixes this and boots a lot of us back to Diamond.
  • i got stck in TERA Launcher T_T for an hrs i wanna play..

    sometimes the Patch is Stop...and after i restart my PC.. the Patch is complete and when i click the PLAY.. nothing happen

    i Tried TERA TOOLS but nothing happen.. same problem.. :( :( :(
  • Torchide wrote: »
    Spacecats wrote: »
    • Lowering iLevel Requirements for Vanguard Quests

    I'm still waiting.

    Relevant image:


    Yet to see any dev acknowledgement on this. Please correct me if I am wrong @Treeshark @Geletron @Spacecats @Denommenator

    This is hilarious at first glance, but then once I looked a bit deeper, I can tell you the problem.

    The T9 Slaughter Gear is showing attack losses because it is accounting for the loss of the Lucid set bonus. It is showing defense losses because you do not have +4 endurance rolled on it. There is +10 endurance difference between the pieces.
  • That's because you have a +12 Lucid Boots and you have a +9 Slaughter Boots... At least +12 it and try again I'm sure you'll get a boost
  • JujubeJujube ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Only getting half reward points (base) from vanguard dailys. This is after the 5/24 patch and after double was turned back on.
  • TorchideTorchide ✭✭✭
    @DEEPOWER Yup, proving once again that ilvl does not matter, but rolls, set bonus planning and etchings do.

    (I have a +15 t3 etched lucid chest that I'm being salty about having to replace) B)

    I don't even have it that bad as a lancer. Poor healers...
  • LilocaLiloca
    edited May 2016
    Reward points still not correct, crusade rewards still not correct either.
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