"The Glaiveathon" Valkyrie Preview Stream April 7 and 8!


A new breed of hero is about to take flight. Join me for TEN HOURS of Valkyrie preview over two days! We'll stream on Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. PDT, then again at those times on Saturday.

We'll begin by forging our new Valkyrie, giving her whatever weird face our Twitch channel demands, then taking to the field of battle in order to hopefully not die. I'm taking suggestions for Valkyrie names right here. The higher we level during the course of the marathon, the more rewards our viewers will receive.

On top of that, the weekend of April 22 has been designated "Glaiveathon Rewards Weekend." The higher our simultaneous viewer count gets, the more rewards we'll unlock for that weekend. I'm talking about double XP, enchanting events, overworld invasions, and cosmetic items for all TERA players to enjoy! It all depends on what milestones we reach, so participation matters.

Those of you who joined us for Extra Life and the Ninjathon Class Preview know I like to get a little weird during these marathon streams, so be prepared for some extra "hidden milestones" and surprise events to keep things entertaining throughout the show. We're gonna have some fun.

Spread the word! It all goes down at


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