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Why are Mystics expected to dps now?



  • Corruption Ring - you only need 3 ticks for max MP, that's it.
  • Btw to DPS, you're the 3RD in healing list.

    First - Healer
    Second - Tanker
    Third - DPS

    Know your place :p
  • I actually LOVE having a Healer in Channelworks these days. Not for healing, but because my DPS gets a huge buff. Whether its from the Auras, buffs, or Debuffs, my DPS gets a massive boost. The boost healers give me is probably more DPS then a fresh 65, unexperienced Slayer/Reaper/Sorc would provide anyways. So, Please. Join my queue next time.
  • Don't EVER take people in Channelworks seriously when you que for it. People in there can be literally [filtered]... Just play the way you normally do and disregard any bit of salt thrown your way.
  • MyuuMewMyuuMew ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Mysics are supposed tu heal and occasionally dps whenever it was needed.
    Like if I'm paired with a priest I would dps and help keep the priest and whatever dps they cant reach at the moment alive.

    If yuu mean mystics just full out dpsing in parties I see no point in why they even in a party in a first place. Only place I can see where it makes sense is CW and maybe sabex if everyone is doing that dungeon flawlessly. But then again I hardly get pugs where I need tu heal constantly unless I'm with a melee group on last boss. Cause obviously they would get hit then.

    So the ninja was just being salty because they cant carry themselves.
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