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Additional Slot Bugs?

Anyone else have theirs bug out on them? I used the slot, relogged, restarted the client... It still refuses to let me make a new character, not even the Valkyrie Creation button on the side of the screen works.


  • A bit of additional information, since I can't seem to edit my first post:

    -Trying to make a character on Celestial Hills server
    -Only have 3 characters on there currently
    -Every other server allows me to make a new character
    -I used the additional character slot while on a character IN Celestial Hills
    -Tried relogging multiple times, still won't let me make one

    Hope this helps any.
  • Okay. Just checked with CS. They said to check your inventory. Claiming an item from Item Claim does not actually "USE" the item. So, check your item and see if it's waiting for you there.

    Hint: That's where mine was.

    Also, there's another thread for this, so I'm going to close this one down.
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