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Warding Totem

edited April 2017 in PvE Discussion
So, whats the real usage for this skill? I mean, the shield that it provides is so small and the duration is even worse. The healing over time isn't that bad but kaia provides a 40k shield and has healing glyph, which can stack with regeneration circle and have a decent duration. I'm no trying to compare them, just wondering when I should use warding totem at all, cause the skill seems to be so useless lol not mentioning that if you cast it during a boss attack if can be broken too -_- well that's it, I have no idea when this s*** can be worth the animation lock :tongue:


  • HaloistHaloist ✭✭✭
    When you have nothing else to do and party members' hp are just missing a bit of health? You've already mentioned that the HoT isn't bad, so maybe that's where its strength lies.
  • DigivolveDigivolve ✭✭✭✭
    It increases healing by 25%
  • Do you even think about +25% healing bonus, not only to mention progressive healing and helps up to countereffect damage on time debuffs

    Do you even totem dude?
  • The % healing bonus is on the totem itself, not your other heals. So basically you use it as a small backup for aoe damage or predicted damage.
  • Totem is garbage, use it when you have no idea what else to do.

    I'm kinda sarcastic but at the same time... Totem is really, really bad. The glyph isn't even worth it and even with that glyph it's a bad skill. Maybe if they buffed the shield it would be better but... For now pop it whenever, there's no harm in extra healing. Even if it's almost nothing.
  • TWMagimayTWMagimay ✭✭✭✭✭
    Currently, it's quite useful in HH. Outside of that, it's mostly a heal supplement, a lazy way to offset small damage, DoTs or charge damage. It's also one of two heals mystics have that don't cleanse so that's handy sometimes.
  • Warding Totems can be used as a body to block certain status effects or some attacks that distribute damage based on the number of entities getting hit by it. However, you must time your casting carefully as it only counts as a body for about half a second...

    In DSU3 using two thralls and a totem to block all three status effects on the 16th floor's boss. It was also very useful during FIHM's Rokdos and Desolarus's curses...

    Video examples of blocking status effects with Thralls and Totems:

    DSU3 16th Floor


    Examples of boss mechanics that distribute damage based on the amount of bodies would be Timescape's Yana and his mid aoe. Mystics could actually solo mid on HM back when first released if they were exceptionally skilled at timing the totem to soak up damage along with themselves and a thrall. More examples would be SCHM's Perimos and his lasers on the Pylons. A Thrall of Vengeance along with a perfectly timed totem will be enough to save a pylon that is full health without any actual players taking the laser blow...

    Video example of damage distribution using Thralls and Totems:


    I have mained a Mystic for three years and love it. Their skills can be incredibly technical and quirky, often getting in the way of boss mechanics and sometimes even breaking them. Just have to think outside the box when applying these unique skills in the dungeons...
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