server lag?



  • Last half hour became impossible to do anything. Three times i died doing 69 lvl BAMS just because of laggs. Some skills of warrior just do not work at all. I shiver when i think someone lvls at this time new class.

    Playing on Celestial Hills on IOD atm in ch.8. Delays between pressing button and skill work around 2 seconds.
    Minimum Latency 315 ms (Usually i have 178-210 which really always was fine for me). Located myself In Moscow so dont think that i have any issues with internet. Walking bears on the street yes but not internet ;)
  • The lag is so bad I gave up on hitting max level with Valkyrie yesterday afternoon and my ping always seems to be between 113 - 138 when I check it. I entered BoL solo and the lag was so bad I had to leave (level 31 Valk and still haven't finished BoL). Between skills going off and doing no damage, dodge not working even after multiple presses, skill stutter and delayed activation or no activation at all on skills it is hard to play even in open world, though open world seems to have less of all of that then dungeons do. Today is just more of the same, possibly reduced a little due to not as many players as yesterday. If yesterday was a players first day in Tera I am sure the server lag didn't leave a good impression. I've been with Tera since launch, though off and on after F2P hit, and I found it hard to play / enjoy Tera with all that stuff going on. I loved seeing Tera populated again, it brought back great memories from vanilla days. I hope they can stabilize the servers cause I am returning to Tera for good and would like to appreciate it without all the hiccups of the past 2 days.
  • i cant even go through ET without 500-700 ping, its literrally unbareable.
    Tempest Reach
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    Half hour more passed and tadam delay is 5 second between press button-skil action. Latency 890+

    PS. I just weel it right now: drama about fallen server incoming :D
  • Still experiencing severe amounts of lag in all dungeons on CH . this is depressing.
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    i play like 10 hours and i was suffering with the lag in the dungeons + could not use runeburst ...And to worsen the dungeons were buffed and I without my main skill, well im still lvl 57 I could not continue any more, I had work the other day, so I gave the title of 24 hours ..I lost the title to go up to level 65 in 24 hours. Thx enmme.
  • I am lagging a bit too...

    Playing from: Michigan, USA
    Server: MT
    Anywhere really, both dungeons and open world.
    And yes my guild has complained of lag at about the same time after a lag spike.
  • My question is, will there be any extension or they're gonna just let this lag pass by and deal with the event as planned.
  • Anddd it has been answered. hour and a half from now it will end.
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    Just an FYI, 12pm ( Noon ) is 1 hour and 22 minutes from now, not 2 and a half hours...
  • Playing from Los Angeles, California
    Playing on Tempest Reach

    I couldn't really tell lag from openworld. I didn't exactly feel much lag when I was out of dungeon, but inside the dungeon it was quite an experience.

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    Good way to keep new players, make the game unplayable... You should have learned this on ninja launch, and on brawler launch... You could also fix the server lag when CU:velika starts, but nah.
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  • @CobaltDragon @Spacecats Can't you guys extend for few hours? My friends had trouble getting to 65 because they keep getting bugged/glitched from instance, can't even enter, and they even took leave off their work to aim for 65, I'm sure there's a number of people who got the same problem, coupled with the lags and whatnot, seems kinda heartless when you guys didn't even extend for few hours.
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