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Consumables Boon Box and Enchantment Boon Box disappearance??? (Fey Forest Server)

OKAY! I am not crazy... yesterday (4/19/2017) I saw the consumable boon box in the Vanguard Initiative Merchant... and today it is not there... I'm hoping this isn't a planned removal and only a bug because this is my only source of Prime battle solutions the fact that I'm not elite ;-;
Took EmE/BHS god knows how long to realize Fey Forest doesn't have fashion coupons in the Novelty Merchant...
As well as how Fey Forest Ace Dungeon Shop had a few missing items you could buy that other servers had access to...
(^ BTW all these are already resolved, however it took EmE/BHS a long time ^)
I am HOPING it doesn't take this long just to get a box of Prime Solutions :L



  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    I don't think any server has them, along with the outdated enchantment box. Although, you can get Prime Battle Solutions from, MWA boxes, the vendor, and for a few gold on the broker if it was meant to be removed.
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    No servers have them at the moment. The enchantment box currently doesn't have anything of value (it contains T8 and T9 enchanting mats), and just made sense to remove rather than have newer players buy them on accident and get burned.

    I feel like this is kind of a silly question but if you're looking for Prime Battle Solutions, why not just buy them from the merchant? Do you feel like the consumable box is a better value (it gives between 10 and 19 potions, so between 320 and about 600gp worth)?
  • I've re-added the consumables box, but at a reduced price than they were previously. They now cost 140 credits instead of 190 credits.
  • @Spacecats Thank you so much!
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    I believe the boon box is very much so worth it because you can get plenty and all it takes is a few dungeon runs, as to buying them from the merchant it adds up and soon it could waste gold
    I do not really care too much about the enchantment boon box, but the consumables boon box I depend heavily on since nostrum is easily lost in PvP and dungeons. All it takes is me to use 1 nostrum to clear at least 2 dungeons and approx. 5 nostrum in order to buy another consumable boon box, therefore I get more for my time :open_mouth:
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