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Incorrect regeneration on mount with regeneration (Noble Moon)

I just got a Noble Moon a few days ago. I never paid attention to the regeneration until today, but there seems to be an issue with the hp part of it. The mount skill tooltip says it should be 1% hp per sec, but the buff (Invigorating Travel) and actual effect is 0.5% hp per sec. Is it an error in the effect, or does the mount skill (and skill book) tooltip have a typo?



  • Thanks for the screenshots. This looks like a bug, and I'll make sure our QA team sees it.
  • KiraboshiKiraboshi ✭✭✭
    Many old noble mounts that were supposed to be updated to 1% are still 0.5% even though it says 1%. Noble Moon is the most obvious example.

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