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Pc to ps4 account transfer.

I noticed they are removing the dragons from the store. So Im assuming they wont be available for purchase when game releases on ps4. But if there was account transfer or be atleast able to keep your purchases that would be benificial . So doubt there will be account migration to console, but will you be able to keep purchases if you use same email? Or anything similar. Just wanna be able to have one those dragons before they disappear.


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    you can still get the dragons via dragon token shop and some through dragon scales after bone dragons arive afaik
    so maybe theyll be available on ps4

    "This doesn’t mean these dragons will be completely unavailable: Ironhide and Crimsonhide will remain available through the in-game Dragon Scale shop while the Ghost and Diamond dragons are still available through the in-game Dragon Token shop."

  • Ah ok thank you very much!
  • I'm closing this thread because there aren't any announcements or details surrounding TERA console yet, and I'd like to avoid speculation around the game. Speculation leads to rumors which is a path to the dark side.

    If anyone asks about TERA console in the forums, please do us all a favor and direct them to the beta sign-up: http://tera.enmasse.com/consolebeta

    ... and then remind them that an announcement will be made once more details about TERA console have been determined and we're closer to a launch date.

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