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Dragon Mount Loot Box Bundles - Temporarily unavailable

FYI - These had a potentially nasty bug where if you bought 5 or 10 of the 'stack of 5' or 'stack of 10' loot boxes, you would get the worst possible result and get a total of 5 or 10 loot boxes instead of getting the right multiple.

I'm working on fixing this right now, and they should all be back in the web and in-game store shortly.


  • JaeJeromeJaeJerome
    edited April 2017
    Thank you! Finally!

    yea i got that issue, bought 5 stack of 10, got 5 instead of 10. but when i buy 2 of single stack of 10, got 20. lol!

    Server: Ascension Valley
    Character Name: Craftsmen

  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Noesis can u guys please put dragons in the dressing room too? About prices, you heard players. help us with them :D
  • All the bundles are back in the store. @JaeJerome, file a ticket with Support, and we will get you taken care of. I'm sorry you got bit by this!

    It's been a bit of a hectic morning here (how did it get to be 2pm?), but the dragons are going to go up in the dressing room in a little bit.
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    Adding to what @LesbianVi said, You heard the players. Give us Account Bound dragons.
  • @Noesis already did Ticket Number: 042017-000309 like 2+ hours ago. thanks!
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Tnx for adding them, adding old ones would be nice too =) Also about prices, tell BHS to go easy on Char mount price a bit at least lol
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