I've come back to find that the stamina system has been removed and along with it all charms, campfires, etc.. I also see that Alchemy has been gutted, and bandages are no longer a thing. So my question is... How do I rest between fights to regain health and mana anymore? If there some sort of rest skill I've forgotten and just can't find? Or... am I perpetually reliant on pots when soloing now?



  • Also, can anyone tell me what's the point in having three different Battle Solutions when they can all be used at level 1? Why bother with Minor when you can have Prime? Is it an error or am I missing some difference that makes them unique?
  • xvctxvct ✭✭✭
    (1) You'll need to pot, have extra HP regen blue crystals in the bag, find a cleric NPC, or eat the many motes mobs are starting to drop nowadays.

    (2) The lower tier Battle Solutions are for those who can't afford the higher tiers.
  • SaphirKanzakiSaphirKanzaki ✭✭✭✭
    (1) I'm using a health regenerating mount
  • KarmaTheAlligatorKarmaTheAlligator ✭✭✭✭✭
    Mana and HP recharge on their own (mana much faster with battle solution).
  • Looks like it's lots of pots and regen crystals I guess. Standing out of combat waiting for regen is rather... meh. Thanks everyone.
  • xvctxvct ✭✭✭
    (1) I'm using a health regenerating mount

    Ohh ye I always forget about these since I don't have one. +1 cause these are a great investment.

    @Venakri , check the trade broker for Jadeheart, Noble Moon, or (I think) Dafi. These should be some of the cheapest MP/HP replenishing mounts for sale.
  • SaphirKanzakiSaphirKanzaki ✭✭✭✭
    Simplified rule: Every mount having the word "noble" in it is a regenerating mount. So don't confuse a "Moon" (normal wolf, no regeneration) with "noble moon" (regeneration). As the noble moon was handed out practically for free, they are really cheap. I don't know what they cost now .. 5000g? I think I still have ~20 of them on stock for my future characters.
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