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Lag, server transfers and events that dont work

So we've had horrid lag for almost 2 weeks
We cant do server transfers IF our name is taken without changing name first (ps they wont refund if you buy a name change) that broke almost 2 months ago
game optimization....no idea how long its needed fixed
the so called boss drops you can bet they only drop 50% of the time to fix event all you had to do was reveal jackpot before last boss not at start.
Buddy strongbox keys that dont work on any lockbox

Can Tera please get some actual fixing love instead of adding more cash shop items patches etc, you're losing more players due to broken things more then anything else


  • gibgib ✭✭✭
    fyi they fixed the server transfer issue
  • Just did 5 DFNM 2 had jackpots and 3 didnt considering it's one of only dungeons popping alot in the que so yea sucksville
  • ShikineShikine ✭✭✭✭
    Interesting I had jackpots in all my runs, sometimes even 2 (diamond and costume item).
    Maybe you don't notice it since it's a feedstock? Happened to me too before I started looking out for those 75-100 drops.

    But beside that I totally agree, too many things are not fixed right now.
    Even dungeons like SA/MC are broken as of right now no triple drop/exp god knows why.
  • allofspaceandtimeallofspaceandtime ✭✭✭✭✭
    I for one have been taking advantage of triple exp with a 100 exp boost for a day. too bad they wont keep it that way lol. so im thankful for the exp.
  • Nope, EME only want banned people and sell EMP. We say for months about exploits in RMHM but EME ignored it.
    Optimization? I'm play for 5 years and EME never do any optimization.
  • jongbaejongbae ✭✭✭
    Optimization is not on their end tho, that's pretty much Bluehole's bag of potatoes. I do consider the lag a serious issue and I'm still hoping they fix it, if not, sadly as most of my friends have done already, I will have to quit playing Tera due lag issues.
  • There are already open discussions on all these (mostly unrelated) topics. Please comment in those. Laundry list discussions like this tend to devolve quickly into bickering.

    Also you should be able to transfer servers at this point. The problem was connected to the name reservation event. If for some reason you still can't, please create a Customer Support ticket.
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