Discussion of 3rd party usage from Official EME Thread


I suppose we need a discussion thread about this to see what others think about it.

I am glad that EME is taking down cheaters really serious and will take instant actions right away, however I'm a bit concerned of how far people would go as for as 3rd party tools.

Honest players uses them to help improve their game, gathering statistics, and more importantly: to give them motivation to continue playing the game. So what if some [filtered] will go through youtube and streams, finds someone using those tools, and ends up reporting them. Will they be a target to potential permanent bans? The reason I say this is because Noesis mentions "any third party tool or modification".


  • the only thing makes me keep playing is the proxy
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    the only thing makes me keep playing is the proxy

    VPN lets your launcher comes up ready to play, when you wanna get to the game, if you have it running, you can't get into the game. There are legit stuff like WTFast, Pingzapper and some vpns that help and there are illegal ones that changing IP not to be detected.

    EME knows about these stuff, and also I don't see any reason to discuss about this. It is a good move, any further discussion can lead to unpleasant stuff.
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    I'm just going to go ahead and drop this in here...

    What About Proxies?
    Services that promise to improve your ping and decrease lag may sound promising, but they are frequently used by hackers and criminals who want to remain anonymous. Although we do not block them by default, a proxy or server host will be blocked if it becomes a popular tool for criminal behavior.

  • Discussion of 3rd party apps is not allowed. The rules are the rules. Nothing really to discuss. Thread closed.
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