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Community Response, the Importance of Proper Community Management



  • @Spacecats Hello :) I like to be clear

    Who is doing something for try to make Tera better again?
    Who is trying to optimize this game?
    Who is trying to do this game a bit more competitive?
    Tera Community
    Why Enmasse doesnt consider community a lot?
    Tera Community could be a good resource for Enmasse,
    why you dont consider us?
    Deleting threads, posts and banning players doesnt help.
    We need communication.

    What BHS is doing for us in 5 years? Why they dont fix "skills with ping dependents" and
    why not game-optimization for Tera?

    And what about this servers in which we are playing?
    (did someone say spikelags? bad routing? dc?
    I read always threads about this when i open this forum).

    A lot of high ping players ( 100ms - 300ms+ ) can play Tera better with a 3rd party program,
    Are they cheater? hackers? CRIMINALS?!
    Are they breaking this game?

    They just want to play this game decent and enjoy their time and
    (if you can play better and if you enjoy your time, you can enjoy to spend your money in EMP too).

    I hope you get my point :)
    Thanks for your time and your answer in advance!
  • JenieveJenieve ✭✭✭
    What EME describes as rage and [filtered] posting is the players way of communicating to EME the problems and disappointments they have with game states. The sad fact is you dont get happy go lucky from the majority .. and why would you if youre happy you play the game, IF your not you go on the forums trying to fix problems or get/encourge fixes for them.

    Deleting posts is the worst possible thing you can do in any conversation. Imagine if you will talking to someone about an issue and then the person throws their hand in your face and says no more i dont want to hear it. Talk to someone else.

    You would be livid. Point and fact.
  • mm, Shinra Meter , WTF FAST or any vpn gaming, macros (hardware or software) , engine modifiers(for the poor optimization), or anywhere when, you cant injecting data on their database are reason of bans, ok, im leaving for this game, cancel my elite status, and no more buy emp for 4.
  • jongbaejongbae ✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    Ginjitsu wrote: »
    jongbae wrote: »
    The funny thing is how he let this threat open to discuss with the community but his position on the matter remains the same instead of actually listening to concerns and think of a solution. It's like trying to move a rock that won't move from where it is.

    If you want to move a rock, you gotta use the tools that are available.

    Mega thinking emoji here. Honestly I just want them to really do something about server lag seriously that would fix sooooooooo many problems right now.
  • AngelineAngeline ✭✭✭
    Ginjitsu wrote: »
    If you want to move a rock, you gotta use the tools that are available.

    Not first, not second, but... [redacted] party tools?


  • TWMagimayTWMagimay ✭✭✭✭✭
    I just have one question:
    Our commitment to making TERA an awesome experience for our players includes ridding the game of malicious 3rd party programs like the packet injector, and that’s what we’re working to do.

    Does that commitment also include improving Tera's performance in terms of fps and ping-dependent skills? Or do you consider 10 fps and 150+ ping to be part of this "awesome experience"?
  • LesbianVi wrote: »
    People call me noob in similar words and not doing hard mode stuff, then why are you so against this? Those programs/injectors just ruined the line between a player like me that can't run dungeons with players that can do it.
    An injector will not help you if you are complete [filtered] and don't know how to play your class so actually get good with your class or actually stfu kty :)

  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    LesbianVi wrote: »
    People call me noob in similar words and not doing hard mode stuff, then why are you so against this? Those programs/injectors just ruined the line between a player like me that can't run dungeons with players that can do it.

    No. They have nothing to do with it ? Your skill level, which is very low, has something to do with it. Not a *program or injector*, because none of those as far as I know from things that Ive heard about them help you improve your skill level. Its better for you to stay out of something you do not understand at all and let people who know what they are talking about... talk about it ;)

    RMHM with exploits needs skill level? Have you run anything with me to see my skill level? You know that you are just proving my points?
  • LesbianVi wrote: »
    Why people are mad towards this? Communication was let me say something here.

    Check my forums, I was making suggestions, I was instead of writing go play the game and replies similar to that. When I was criticizing Tera, I was getting the replies why you here, in forums and in game, oh look crying forumer is here. Recently I defended EME on some points I am being called, attacked in game and forums.

    How exactly you wanna communicate with this community? How exactly you wanna be constructive here?

    People call me noob in similar words and not doing hard mode stuff, then why are you so against this? Those programs/injectors just ruined the line between a player like me that can't run dungeons with players that can do it.

    So, EME has a purpose here, If you can't run those end game stuff the way it was planned, then you shouldn't be running it. This is good news for pro players, bad news for players that can't run heck without those stuff.

    People say it needs to be slow process, so they could find other ways? I agree like any system innocents might get hurt here, and I agree it could be handled better but I also take EME's side here, why? Because I know I couldn't do any better, Hirez studio is mentioned here, That developer doesn't give a rat @ss to community, was an active player there.

    Those innocents, can PM GMs, make tickets, this is not a public discussion, it needs to be done personally, communicate should happen like that. Then EME knows what was the intention, they can process it better with more open eyes, posting meme and countless thread was never solution, just troll act.

    So At the end, a good thing happening that can make pro players stand tall and some people are against it? What does that tell you?

    How do you know if you're a good player without any sort of comparison? It doesn't make pro players stand tall lmao. They're the ones who get hurt the most by the changes. Any good players with [filtered] ping is gonna get fked. Any good player who wants to try out new rolls or builds is fked. Since you're a noob you wouldn't understand. It makes absolutely no difference to you how bad you are. But good players are striving to do better and DPS meter is essential for that. If EME did something about their fking [filtered] servers, maybe players would complain less.

    But they're doing literally NOTHING. Events are still [filtered]. Spacecats [filtered]'d up the drop rate from the past weekend event. Servers still laggy as hell. TERA rewards exploit is still there (they took it down a whole week for NOTHING). RMHM glitch at Lachelith still there. And now they're banning players who could be helping the game. I'm not denying that some players deserve the bans like Bern. Monetizing these 3rd party scripts is definitely a big violation. But other players like Meishu had no ill intentions and would've been able to help this game progress.
  • TeajTeaj ✭✭
    Why is it so hard to accept your community solutions? help?

    Why don't you work with us/them?

  • I'm just going to say whatever steps are being taken by EME right now wouldn't exactly bring you new players and more income. If I were a new player looking for a new game to spend time and money on and I see what hell is in this forums right now I'd be out of here faster than 300ms high ping. Not inviting at all.

    That might make you reconsider your actions.
  • Fine we wont use the programs that shall not be named, how about you fix the glaring problems that have been repeatedly communicated for the past 4~ years. A couple of questions for you to honestly ask yourself as a company
    A) Do you see the motivation behind using the programs that shall not be named.
    B) Do you see the reason they existed in the first place
    C) What can you do to fix it?
  • The real [filtered] show will probably start in a week or two.
  • Hey @Spacecats i understand 3rd party programs cheats hack or whatever you want to call them are bad and should be not allowed. My question is what about engine.ini performance tweaks that help make the game run better (you can't deny tera has really big performance problems) any issues with these ? I've already read your follow up on the 3rd party software thread and nothing about tweaks there. Thanks hope you respond.
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