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why we getting twitch chat bann

>:) GMs are the ones that started kicking players out the game and they think people from psp and xbox wont do the same


  • I'm going to guess you said something in twitch chat you weren't supposed to.

    That's the usual reason for chat bans.
  • reezzreezz ✭✭
    talking about people getting bann lol
  • !raffle early on = perma ban :^) not supposed to go for the raffle at all it seems
  • That would do it with the context of recent events, especially since the twitch is about Valkyrie art.
  • Then explain why those going with !proxy or !ban aren't getting anything.
  • TeajTeaj ✭✭
    Wow, I gave my opinion on the chat regarding the art and got banned? Seriously?

    That's even worst than an african dictatorship....
  • reezzreezz ✭✭
    lol the GMs are hook on bann its they new postdrug
  • sevdasevda ✭✭
    edited April 2017
    I saw tons of comments deleted that were snarky and purposefully inflammatory. Kudos for the EME staff that kept on top of things and worked hard to keep the stream enjoyable for everyone.
  • A group of players planned in advance to come in and purposefully heckle and spam today's Twitch stream. They weren't interested in the art contest or anything stream related. Some of them were banned from the chat along with some people who kind of just joined in because it looked like fun.

    Sorry if you got caught in the crossfire for just voicing your opinions about the art work. Assuming you were being respectful with your comment, you shouldn't have been permanently banned.
  • reezzreezz ✭✭
    it was new havnt realy been in stream for 6 weeks and after people getting bann in the game we should talk about what we cant have and have sad for those ex u took rewards from us bann a lot of players is it just from u or game wants a clean start for psp and xbox player?
  • I got banned for making one joke about the mass deletions/bans in chat, instantly perma-banned, lol.

    Instantly closed stream, no point sticking around for art if the mods can't handle someone's opinions or light banter.

    Anyone got a link to the art for the winners? Would like to see.
  • The problem isn't with the ability of mods to handle things, but with players that lack the maturity and self-control to appropriately handle themselves as evidenced by attempting to disrupt a stream with off-topic posts they know won't be welcome. Enjoy your ban. You earned it.

    You will be able to see the art of the winners as it will be used as load screens in the game.
  • reezzreezz ✭✭
    I didn't care who won but still would like to see who got frist palce
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