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If I owned a game and you used DPS Meter



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    Xerray wrote: »
    leaving this quote here:
    AEFH9EGJMA wrote: »
    Why are you still discussing this? The answer is obvious, let me explain with a real life analogy.

    If you're an A+ student, you naturally love tests because it lets you show off how smart you are. Even though tests aren't perfect indicators of ability, you don't really care since you do well and they do measure ability adequately.
    If you are a D- student, you hate tests because they make you feel inadequate and that in turn makes you very critical of the testing system and you'll start saying things like "tests don't actually measure anything useful, you can still get through life without tests".

    Why are you leaving it here? DPS meters are not issued by BHS/EME to measure your ability to complete said fight. The TEST equivalent here is can you complete the fight if the answer is yes you're good if not GIT GUD.

    It means, if you arent confident with your dps/ u are bad at it, you most likely wont enjoy seeing the results even if noone is mocking you. So you may join the side of ppl who say ban all meters. No meter = no need to feel bad about you being bad. And you can possibly blame a lot of outside factors for it. (Analog to arguments: the teacher sucked, noone needs math irl etc). Not necessary untrue but it shows quite a complete picture.
    On the other side, if you are good with your dps, rotation, ping you might enjoy seeing you making 60% of party dps every time and not understand why anyone can be against it. Even if u are keeping the results for yourself. You may use the data to improve yourself even more.

    Besides, ppl make it sound things are too random to judge due to the meter alone. But actually in the endgame you often end up running with same ppl/same compositions over and over where you can excude a lot of random factors and compare the core stats. For example you have same healer, same tank, same static dps. So out of 20 runs with them you will have same debuffs on boss, same amount of heals etc. You can compare yourself and ask what u can improve.
    Additionally you may make several runs with equally geared dps class and compare how many hits have u both done, what do u possible missing in your rotation, how much power do u need in order to have the hits high, are u utilizing crit buff glyphs in order to achieve same crit factor on individual skills as your other dps in the party. All this information can be received through the meters in case you didnt know it before. It is not plain showing the result %s.
  • VyolVyol ✭✭✭
    My DPS s*cks and I'm still not against meters because how can you not see the point in a DPS meter ?
    I mean games like Revelation have in-build ones so they can't be THAT bad ?
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