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A concise understanding of 3rd Party Programs, from a logical standpoint

A well constructed and worth the read piece on the topic at hand, 'Proxy and the blowup' since Noesis' statement and firm stance on the matter. It's worth the read: https://terasource.tumblr.com/


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    Everyone is at fault here, EME just needs to realise that and get off their high horse. Players just need to stop bashing and go backward to make it even worse.

    I will be interested to know how EME will fare with the modding community supporting them rather than abusing on a private scale.
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    Sorry but posting about 3rd party programs is against the forum rules & guidelines.

    ...with the exception of this thread: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/14059/the-3rd-party-thread

    Please keep the conversation pointed there, thanks.
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