[TERA Console] Maintenance to deploy the v86.01 update is scheduled for Monday, September 14 at 7 p.m. PT. Patch notes: http://bit.ly/terac_v86
[TERA PC & Console] En Masse is closing, but TERA lives on! We will continue to support TERA PC (NA) and TERA Console until services are transferred. Our Service Moving Info page is now live here: https://bit.ly/tera_service_moving

Are we having anniversary events?

Just saying 'cause I am getting bored :expressionless:

P.S : I am not making judgement but if you cant obey to the recent changes regarding to the Third Party Tools in TERA,kindly uninstall and move on.
* Spacecats does not own TERA he is an employed worker with a monthly pay check for living.
*Enmasse does not own TERA but as a subsidiary company to Blueholes which helps published the game in NA.
*They are not your mom/dad.They will not fulfill anything you required unless you start to grow up and prove yourself worthy to them.
*They never forced you to play TERA therefore they do not owe you an apology for restricting rules/policy to protect their assets/property for better cause.
I am a Tera player with a constant 300-335 ms for the past few years.I do not need low ping to help myself to learn about the game.I do not need to be a hardcore player just to prove myself useful in a virtual world which has no impact in my life.
Tera is a free to play game.No one knows how long it will last.We all have to part our ways some day.But at the mean time,why not just enjoy the game and let them figured out what they(Bluehole) want to do for TERA?
>Never ask what TERA can do for you but what you can do for TERA<
AND a song for the all haters out there :pleased:


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