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No more Yosha guides



  • SatevaSateva ✭✭
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    Eme banning him on the forums seems to be the straw that broke the back of our favorite camel. For years Yosha has selflessly done great things for the community, we really will be lost with out a Yosha going forward.

    Going forward, we better damn well see Eme paying one of their employees to do the work Yosha has has been doing for free.

    If Tera keeps going down this path it's on, this game wont be online in NA much longer. You guys really should have considered what your old staff was trying to tell you before they all walked. Great job, Tera NA has gone from the second most profitable MMO, to a ghost town in just two short years.

    *slow clap*
  • jongbaejongbae ✭✭✭
    edited May 2017
    I don't think they care at this point, they are surviving out of new players who don't know the quality of publishers they are, aka "let's start all over again, let's all the old veteran players leave, we don't need them after all they don't even buy EMP" lol they forget something tho... all those veteran players show something new players don't assure them which is LOYALTY OVER THE YEARS, that of course they are burning it up just now.
  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    Does seem a bit odd he would be banned if he wasn't participating on the forums in the first place.
  • Haggard86Haggard86 ✭✭✭✭
    real smart on EMEs part.
  • ArinovaArinova ✭✭✭
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    I need to ask you EME, just why? Why are you doing this? Why are you banning innocent people, why are you trying to silence the community? Tera's 5th birthday is already here and we're starting it off with quite a negative. Banning isn't the answer to everything. It also doesn't help that tickets take weeks to get a reply from.

    As you community, we want to see Tera grow, we don't want devoted players like Yosha to be banned. He was the person who helped many of us when we were noobs, come on. Without him, we might've had a lot less lvl 65s. Thank you for all your hard work, Yosha. I hope you get unbanned, even if you won't play anymore, your name deserves to be cleared.
  • I'm not sure I want to wade into the memes and drama, but...

    Before getting too riled up, it seems they're still playing; a forum ban isn't an ingame ban. Also it's entirely possible that it was a mistake, like Yosha's IP happened to be in the range of forum spammer bots or bad actors, or just some regional issues. Hopefully that's the case. Would be up to Yosha if they care to find out why though so if they don't care then it doesn't matter.
  • RIP. Banning another person who has done nothing but helped the community. EME if u wanted to kill the game you just shut down the servers and shoot the hamsters. Btw this won't go through since I am shadowbanned for no reason. But hey let's post anyways
  • SatevaSateva ✭✭
    I'd say the thing causing the majority of veterans to leave is the current state of end game. When it was P2P the game was released unfinished with little at end game, we seem to have come back to that issue. When it went F2P they started packing in the end game content, and oh boy it was truly glorious!

    We got the truly epic Argon War line. (Guess we will never find out who the hell Manahan is though, kasjfhskdjhf) With it came a much fuller batch of end game content, we got raids, much harder 5man content, Alliance, GVG, Nexus, yearly Sky Ring and FWC competitions, the crafting system was spectacular, even gathering could be a fun group activity back then. Alliance is what really tipped the scales on this game in NA though, it brought so much with it, even offering worthwhile grind for PVE players.

    Then they took it all away. qq
    We did get Dream Storm briefly, which was mega unpopular. Then for a while we had sky castles and crusades, which was pretty neat at first, but got old pretty quick. One reason we are experiencing such a lack of things to do in NA recently is the missing Talent system. Going forward, until that system is brought here, or removed in K-tera, we will be missing a large chunk of end game grind, and always have a greater imbalance between classes.

    We have lost far more than we have gained at end game in Tera over the years, this, is the real reason the game is so close to death. Them going ban crazy is not doing them any favors right now, but the real issue is the lack of poops given about the NA player base over at ButtHole Studios.
  • WTF...rly ....the father of all guides..... i remember i installed tumblr on my phone just to watch his posts ....
  • xoBarbxoBarb ✭✭✭
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    maybe a post from february that got reported finally got looked into by the eme staff. 2+ months for them to respond doesnt seem that far-fetched :^)
  • FernetDobleFernetDoble ✭✭✭
    The funny thing is that.. im not even surprised. This is the lowest eme has reach, worst than FIHM drama. Most players ik are considering just migrating to EU at this point
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    Body is 10 characters too short.
  • AngelineAngeline ✭✭✭
    Honestly like what is going on over there, EME?
  • Nyanta1177Nyanta1177 ✭✭✭
    RIP. Banning another person who has done nothing but helped the community.
    EME if u wanted to kill the game you just shut down the servers and shoot the hamsters.
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    Hey all. Normally threads like this could be removed because discussing forum moderation always causes drama, but I really want to point a few things out as I close this.
    • Users are never "preemptively banned" from the forums unless they've already done something really bad to get themselves banned from the game. 99% of the time when a person is banned, they are left a message via e-mail that explains why. Yosha was banned and e-mailed about it back in March.
    • Yosha has not been banned from the game as of this post. Just the forums.
    • This thread was posted by a dummy account with no name set up. It's very likely someone already banned from the forums looking to stir up drama in relation to the hacker bans.
    • While we rarely get into the things someone has been moderated for, Yosha has multiple forum accounts which were very active over the weeks leading up to ban. You guys would probably recognize one or two of them. When we ban one account we ban all of that person's accounts.
    • In most cases, someone would be banned (or at least suspended) from the forums after one or two warnings, depending on how severe the bad stuff was. Yosha had many warnings.

    If in Yosha's mind there has been some terrible mix up, mistaken identity, amnesia, alternate dimensions, whatever... the right thing to do is contact customer support or [email protected] to have the matter looked into so we can fix things. Even if you're banned from the forums, you can still make a support ticket.

    Again I usually wouldn't post this or leave a forum moderation discussion up in the forums, but his last week has been super hectic for the moderation team and it's kind of surprising to see so many people rush to the defense of a banned user with very little information outside a Tumblr post.

    Related to this... please remember that the creation of multiple accounts by a single individual solely for use on the official forums is against the rules. Typically dummy accounts are created to self-reply (making it seem like people agree with you, directing the course of a conversation to suit your needs), troll others, or spread toxicity and abuse other forum goers while incognito. Usually we're pretty lax about this particular rule, but over the past week more and more people have been posting from alt accounts just to flood threads with their posts or circumnavigate forum moderation. Please don't abuse the system.
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