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Remembering 5 Years of TERA!



  • RKCRKC ✭✭✭
    I played tera back in 2012 in the EU servers and stop for like 3 years because my ping was like 500 ms. Then came back to NA and here I am right now 11 toons all level 65
  • Oh gosh :3 Prepare for hundreds of pics!

    First pic/day in Tera!


    First summer

    First Halloween

    Count down to first Christmas

    Bad [filtered] Moonpelt pic

    Dragons forever!

    Moonpelt pics

    Horse army

    First guild family pic

    Spacecats leaving us for the dead

    Second guild family pic

    Fighting pryepelt

    Wonderhome Server

    Bought my first flying dragon mount ( IronFang )


    Bone dragons!

    DawnFall ( saved pic of headerpage )

    Extra life event!

  • TianaTiana ✭✭✭
    edited May 2017
    How about that Founders symbol we'll never get back ahgaahahaa

    But yes...
    I joined the day it came out in stores. Bought it and just had to play. Was like .Hack from what a friend said. I had to.
    It took 7 months to find a party to properly clear KN.
    Nexus was the greatest gift.
    I miss the Lore.
    I miss a lot of proper open world PKing and GVGs.
    I miss Titles and the Founder symbol.
    I miss active GMs/etc actually in the game and playing freely with others.
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    Oh ye let's jump here too, after all it's been 3 years for me, some screenshots (OK, a heck lot, hence full post in spoiler, inside all others in spoiler too), pardon me with the 1366x768 resolution, WTB <cheapo super good quality 1080p monitor PM please>:
    We all gotta start with 1st char right?
    Got so proud when I got my 1st costume! I'M FINALLY A REAL PLAYAA!
    I gotta admit... THIS is what I loved the most about the costume (You don't know how much I loved when I upgraded to a Val Kaeli one with stripes)
    My cutie Priest friend, she'll be missed (she left TERA cause TOO ADDICTED, to the point of waking up in the middle of the night for events)
    Hey bud? Wanna earn some cash killing Lv 60 mobs for me? Sure! Eh wait WHO DID I JUST PLVL???

    At that time I already had my Reaper, and of course COSTUMES, but not just any reaper, A HUGE ONE!
    And with huge I mean it, bigger than any Baraka or Aman
    The biggies attract quite some crowd eh
    Oh how I got so proud of the 1st time I hit 1st on CS
    Gigantic Pedobear strikes!
    Goddess of Bugland
    (this was supposedly inside Kumasylum map, but after match, I got so glitched and stuck that only GMs could unstuck me, really, not even the Velika TP skill worked)

    WTB motes (note the dank FPS)
    All Hail the Overlord
    Best CS ever
    A train. Don't ask me why. A train. Cause a train. Yes it broke apart times and times over specially who had different speed mounts there

    Cutest Castanic NA
    Oh wait this one looks alike
    Wait AGAIN?
    4q68Q7c.jpg that's my valk by the way, Yes, Erina.Valkyrie

    Playing with a friend when he suddenly goes: Hey, wait a bit lemme take a selfie with my mom!
    itGWkTh.jpg his words, really!

    My cutie ninja, dankest name ever

    And my pride and joy Priest
    Upgrade to braids successful!

    Wew this got big Got quite the memories eh!
  • YabiYabi ✭✭
    My second oldest character's fondest memory~
  • BaldurdashBaldurdash ✭✭✭
    Random question, how do you guys feel about office visits, my friend and I are staying at a hotel nearby for a few days!
  • Elins caught my attention when TERA was in closed beta and I looked into it. At the time I was busy with super serious spaceships and given the monthly fee I didn't have enough time for both games so I passed on this, still keeping the tabs on TERA.

    With the f2p four years ago I joined EUTERA and made a sorcerer, very much like the one on my forum profile there <-. I missed the horse and ran all around Fey Forest on foot. Then I missed BoL and went for the kumases on Omphalos plains. Having no idea they were group monsters I thought the difficulty curve was ridiculous and made a lancer since it could actually block and not being made of wet paper.

    While on the lancer I noticed people were grouping up for the kumases and a few days later I was back at the sorcerer. At the time it was actually possible to group for the BAM quests since they were tougher, there were no avatar weapons and plentiful amount of people were around the right level.

    About a month later I had dutiously followed the quests and reached level 60. Missed Westonia since there were no red quests and Frontera was a little bit tougher than the previous area. After that Nexus lagged my old computer skillfully, ran a lot of LoT, got a trauma from Kelsaik destroying all my crystals and had fun with Meldita death laser in AC. I tried to masterwork the agnitor disk but after failing in it and consuming all the MES I had gathered over months I abandoned the idea entirely until easy-to-enchant low-level gear came around.

    TERA was fun and I spread out to four servers to get all the eight classes to see how they played. Server-hopping was pretty annoying though. With the characters I did all sorts of terrible grind like run Balder's solo for innerwear when it was not given otherwise and gather steadfast gear from argon essence...for all characters. Yeah. Getting zephyr jewelry from shattered fleet and channelworks was another tedious grind that got burned into my mind.

    Then came the raid dungeons Wonderholme and Rift's edge. They were fun with pugs. First time I was leading the Wonderholme due to getting the badge the clown wiped us and mede us quit but we had fun. Likewise, Rift's edge had some memorable moments like the time the priest got the divine intervention. There was this slayer that didn't seem to make it out of the plant boss attack so I decided to pull him out. Well, just as I was activating the skill, the slayer ran out and would have made it. I didn't react fast enough and pulled him out... right inside the plant AoE. Oops. The other fun memory was whan I tried to prove Eve mining was a dull experience. I had Eve mine on another screen while I went to lead a pug Rift's edge as a healer. Twice. No major loss of mining efficiency even under those conditions.

    The reaper came out and I managed to get in the first 10 of the server, I think #7 or something like that. Level 65 and gunner came out. Then Gameforge was being Gameforge and I moved here two years back. The plan was making only a priest and a reaper since I had hard time keeping all the characters geared even to an acceptable level and the server hopping was getting annoying. Then it became one character for each crafting profession. I got the lancer to 65 just a week before brawler. Rip fast queues.

    Remaking the sorcerer felt like coming back home. Then I started missing some of the characters I didn't have here and had to create all the elin capable classes. Ninja came and I managed to get the Jounin title despite having to work on the patch day. I was pretty tired the next day though.

    I got the priest a diamond laurel as the first character ever to get that far. As a side effect I'm cautious of bringing her out now that people expect me to be awesome. I can usually manage well but you know, IM.

    A bit later I realized that I couldn't give any advice for brawlers other than sending them out to Essentialmana and made the remaining classes for the completeness' sake. Now there's 15 characters (plus the 10 on EU) and that's final until the next class comes out. Maybe.
  • I logged in just to post this and not to cry but played TERA since closed beta! I quit for a while now because its not the Tera that I used to play anymore and back in the days it was amazing! because ORIGINAL EN MASSE GMS were still present (TONKA MINEA THREESHARK) and were the best communicative people I ever met with everything. They would not do what you guys are doing not even close? Banning YOSHA from the forums was the last string that u guys could ever do for the community and 5 years of Tera or not its not the same you guys banned someone that was here for YEARS and HELPING the community for YEARS...he isn't banned from game but Yosha was on of the most awesome people I ever met with him we had no guides to every patch while being in here he never had any BANS and all of sudden you guys make that decision! I understand about people modding TERA to make it beautiful or were doing it I personally NEVER did anything like that I Never used any 3rd party programs I understand the banning of those people actually...DPS meters were allowed aslong it wouldnt be to HARRASS no one that was clear when ARAYA said it...but of course ARAYA isn't working there anymore isn't it? and this game it wont ever be the same.

    @Spacecats if you had played back in the days you would see the difference and you would know what the old TERA was... lol you don't know anything....but still you try to be a good gm not saying that your not but certainly people in EME atm have no idea what TERA was and what TERA has became and u know? ITS SAD.... Just like BHS is Killing it little by little.. with the kind of actions they take you guys are doing the same by banning innocent people people that were helping us on guides and mechanics of the bosses.
  • Hello EME! Please give us some EMP sales. Race and appearance change voucher was not on a sale for too long (at least Race)! Big part of community is waiting for such sale, espesially after new hairdress release
  • I've been playing TERA for only a year now, so I missed a lot of content. Nevertheless, I'm having a lot of fun, and it's my favorite game atm. Here are some memories of my time :awesome:
    That person acted all cool and bossy.. and gave gold to any newbie that arrived in the camp. What a great person!
    My 1st char was a cast male Slayer. I started with my girls on CH. I wanted to play significantly more, so in order not to out-level them, I created another Slayer (cast fem), which is still my beloved main today.
    I leveled by myself, and had no idea how to play.. until i got insulted on IoD for not killing a BAM fast enough, so I looked up some guides and got better.
    I transferred to MT, and it turned out to be so much fun, hunting down players who killed lowbies. I did a lot of stuff with my guild, we were like a family and it was never boring. I miss that time.
    I started doing Alliance and I will never forget how I sometimes got help from a guildy and someone I didn't even really know. Being rather shy, I didn't ask for help, so I'm very grateful for it. (no, I didn't feed on them). Also, I suck in PVP but I loved attending the Alliance fights.
    Also, goodbye old days of 'Not enough MP.'
    This is my most precious memory; I met my boyfriend through our guild. Since he's significantly better than me, I'm always motivated to improve (I'm trying -.-). This game is not the same without him (and so is anything else outside of TERA).
    Thank you :heart:
    Other than that, i will never forget
    - the moment when I +15'ed my first weapon (Imperator)
    - the people trying to teach me PVP (lol I'm so sorry)
    - that one time when I was 1st place in CS ;D
    - how my bf invited the officer of the guild i wanted to join to our SSHM run and I almost panicked (lol no, I actually panicked)
    - how he fell asleep in dungeons tanking and no one ever noticed
    - these kind of dungeon runs with him:

  • KrysariaKrysaria ✭✭
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    Here's some of mine ^^

    One of my first characters.

    Trying out a mystic for the first time.

    Smh at the mess that was my inventory.

    CU first day - ALL THESE SHEEP!

    War outside Crescentia!

    Chuckling at some of these char names - i am not very mature.

    Working with magic

    Chuckling at bugs.

    Elin in a bubble =3

    Dreaming of a better weapon skin

    Freaking out over this Guile Castanic armor.

    After getting Guile for myself =D

    Enjoying Halloween!

    When i was asked to sent a sexy pic.

    Chuckling yet again at something - the lfg this time.

    Enjoying all of this nonsense.

    Pretending to be a hummingbird.

    Laughed so hard i cried because of this bug xD

    Forever chilling and having fun ^^

    Hoping to have many more memories with you Tera =D

    Edit: Lets not forget chilling with my fav person of all time <3

    Edit#2(05/07): Convinced my friend to dye his Behemoth a ridiculous color when he got all his pieces (provided the dye for it)
  • SvetlanahSvetlanah ✭✭
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    @Aryix ijn one your 1 min to merge picture my CO GM is in the side lmao.
  • DarunaAVDarunaAV
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    Why am I an elf?
    Detecting that Elins has nothing in the head
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