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Player Council Application (April 2017)


We're looking for new members to join the TERA Player Council! The TERA Player Council is an opportunity for TERA players to pitch in and help make the community a happy, healthy, and well-organized place. Only a few players will be selected by the En Masse Community Team.

Player Council members will act as point of contacts and subject matter experts for the benefit of both the En Masse team and the benefit of other players. Their primary task is to encourage positive activities within the community and help shine a spotlight on positive player behavior and events.

They'll also help En Masse plan updates and events by gathering and organizing feedback and ideas from their fellow players. TERA is a large game, and their collective knowledge of quests, mechanics, economy and other aspects of the game will help the TERA team with context when needed. They'll be extra pairs of eyes and ears for the TERA Community Team, coordinating with EME and each other in private Player Council forums and chat.

Player Council members have some minor forum privileges to help other players keep threads tidy and well formatted, but they aren't forum moderators and may not remove content or warn/suspend/ban other forum members.

Members of the Player Council are expected to remain active, so please only apply if you plan to play, engage with fellow players, and participate on the council on a regular basis.



  • SpacecatsSpacecats ✭✭✭✭✭
    Closing applications tonight at Midnight PDT.
  • SpacecatsSpacecats ✭✭✭✭✭
    Applications are now closed. The TERA team will review entries and reach out to those that are accepted onto the Player Council.
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