MT looking for guild

You know MMO's are quite when you come back to Tera! :) I am looking for an active guild (if that exists) that uses Teamspeak. I havent played since pre ninja and mained sorc.


  • Hi there! I am leading a small static-turned-guild and we are looking for a fifth player to fill in a DPS role.
    Our guild's name is Quintett Feuer. We're currently running level 65 dungeons, mainly Demokron HM, Lilith, Shadow, and Kaprima. We're still gearing up, and are slowly working towards the next set of dungeons. Our item level is between 414 to 424. Our tank plays Brawler and Lancer, one DPS mains Warrior, the other DPS plays Valkyrie and Archer, and I main Priest.
    We are on Pacific Time, usually active between 6pm to 12am. We don't use Teamspeak but we do have a Discord server.
    Please message our guild via the Guild Search menu, or send some mail to me, Lysienne! I look forward to hearing from you!
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