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About events and GM power.

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I wonder if @Spacecats can control things that he spawns? Like, make this monster go there and attack that.. etc.

Or or spawn some enviroment effects like fire and put it on a tree/house? Or just simply spawn the fire all over the place.

I remember when i first watched Tera's trailer or something, there was a scene where that person was riding a pegasus above Lumbertown, and the town was on fire, like it was underattack or somekind. I wonder Spacecat can do something similar and make an event called Lumbertown in trouble or something, where you spawn waves of monsters attacking the town, then make people go defend it for example.

Or spawn 2 mobs that cant be killed but can be stunned/kd, make them run across the map and have players split into 2 team and go stun/kd them, some kind of a race thingy, then people can turn to the other team and kill each other instead of focusing on the mob.. xD can be a blood bath.

My thought lately, just wanted to get it out of my chest :P


  • That would be really cool but unfortunately they have minds of their own. When spawned outside a dungeon (like during a special event) they try to behave the same they would inside their home dungeon. Sometimes they can't do the same special attacks, and sometimes there are other consequences (like Tantibus draining mana w/ no cleanse pool to jump into).

    It would be cool to fight monsters against each other or have them synchronize attacks, but unfortunately the only place they'll smack each other around instead of the players is in Bamarama ;D
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    ..could we at least get a new updated version for bamarama with some new fighters then? Seen the current ones easy I to much I by now and we all know parking op. couldn't we get some new fighters like Tantibus vs the first brhm boss or for a diamond round. Or for gold something like Abcess first boss vs the bee boss in Sabex?

    I mean yeah I know probably would take sometime rescaling programming etc but it's been what 5 years now we've had without really any changes to bam fights.

    The older players who do bamarama are probably tired by now from betting on the same Kainus vs whatever after having seen the matches like a million times. Give us some new champions to put at what's earned gold down for damn it. (In reality I know this would take sometime. Ad well as there being more important issues it handle first but it's just a nice little suggestion.)
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    That is not true @Spacecats . Monsters can fight other monsters in some rare conditions: player a is attacking a monsters A. The monster A attacks the player but it hit the monster B. The monster B will attack the monster A as long the player doesnt get agroo from monster B. Monster A need be a diiferent specie from monster B. That is why bamarama works.

    Other example is the wolfs attacking pigglins outside of lubertown
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