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Less Lag Confirmed



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    I can't tell if you're just playing devil's advocate or you really believe that this was something that was an actual possible cause of the latency issues[...]

    Neither. But no one was ever claiming that the supposed "less lag" was because of less-than-twelve banned people not playing either. My response was because you were tearing down an argument no one had made, even if the actual arguments being made were also nonsensical. There's no way to conclude that there actually was less lag to begin with, since it's all anecdotal -- that's the part where we don't have enough data.

    The OP of the thread was very clearly correlating the bannings that have become controversial around here with him feeling reduced lag. The implication being that what they were doing was causing said lag. This is an argument that I've seen several people try to make including a member of the player council on reddit. It very much has no basis in fact.

    No but, it's not literally the banning (the 12 people), but... oh, never mind. It doesn't matter anyway, as you're arguing a parallel point.

    Yes, I know. I know the argument isn't solely about the "less than 12 people being banned" but people being scared off of using these third party programs would have no impact on any latency issues someone might have because the third party programs are incapable of causing it. Also the boycott likely had very little if no impact on latency because it was a fairly minor segment of the playerbase and while less people playing would mean less lag, it was nowhere near a significant number to reduce any real ping issues.

    You're right that we don't know what specifically is causing some people to have latency issues and what may be causing some people's latency issues to be alleviated, but the point is that it's pretty easy to rule some things out.
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