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Elin Skin Tone ?



  • DeadXDeadX ✭✭✭
    MiskuChan you are so full of BS. there aren't plenty of black people in s. korea. elin are a CREATED race in the image of elinu (fragments of her) so lore wise it wouldn't even fit. don't like the skin color choices? get used to it or go play something else. this is a FANTASY world. not real life, further it's a fantasy world created by korean developers WITH specific lore...why aren't you whinging about barakas? amani? hmm? oh, because they can't be cute or you don't care about playing those races?

    you're as bigoted and racist as you claim others to be...that's called projection, look it up.

  • This thread is rapidly spiraling out of control, so going to close it before it can get any worse.
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