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Server transfer problem (insufficient EMP when balance is sufficient)


I'm writing here since currently it could be over a year before a support ticket gets answered, also curious if anyone has experienced a similar issue and was able to solve it. Having problems server transferring a character at the moment. I just topped up EMP to do this and I'm rather annoyed that I can't move my characters. My current EMP balance is more than sufficient to transfer character

However, when selecting an eligible character to transfer, I'm met with this error.


Tried clearing my browser history, cache, using a different browser, signing in and out of website, flushing my dns and renewing IP, I'm not sure what to try next. I want to transfer my character now, I just paid to do it, why can't I?

@Spacecats @Noesis @CobaltDragon @Geletron @Smoreceror


  • We had some account issues last night and early this morning. They should be resolved now. I would try to do the account transfer again today.
  • AistraAistra ✭✭
    I'm now having the same issue trying to purchase Anniversary gift boxes on the TERA store web page. My EMP balance is 12050 but when I navigate to the store page, it shows 50 as if I had not charged EMP.

    @Spacecats @Noesis @CobaltDragon @Geletron @Smoreceror
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