[PC] Maintenance is now complete!

Then whose job is it...?

I did not write this, but I believe it needs to be shared:

"Recently, we were told that it's not the player council members job to make changes or improvements to TERA. We were told that it's the job of En Masse and Bluehole Studios. So I ask of you, who then is responsible for these changes? Because those that were given the job sure aren't doing anything beneficial. The only source that provided these changes and improvements were the 3rd party developers that have been banned/shamed."


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    Please direct conversations over 3rd party programs to this thread:

    The statement is in reference to this comment I left in a Player Council thread that was leading to a lot of bickering. It pretty much answered itself. En Masse and Bluehole are responsible for making changes and improvements to TERA. Whether or not you agree that it's been done correctly is a different story and we're open to player feedback on that (one of the reasons we maintain these forums). The Player Council are not game developers, they're just TERA players who have volunteered to help out in a few ways.
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