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Instance Matching teleport system not working

Highwatch Server.
Suddenly any of the party/raid members are not teleported inside the instances once the queue is complete. Happened twice to me and all global chat is becoming crazy about it.
Any suggestions? Is this happening in other servers too?


  • MinimanaMinimana ✭✭✭
    Same on Tempest Reach, cant even enter manually, it just tp out of the dungeon when trying to get in.
  • Gotta bump this thread.
    Indeed I can't do instance matching either, whenever I try and get a party, I wont be teleported inside the dungeon either automatically or manually.
    But that's not an instance matching issue, it's an instance issue.
    You can't enter an instance no matter if you are in a party or alone.
    Seems like you can only enter the solo versions of them.
  • I dont have any problem enter by teleport manually while on party/raid, either my party mates.
    Anyway i had read in global chat about some ppl having your issue, cant enter using teleport and they are only able to do it on solo mode.
  • Could it be a corrupted game file? I will try to repair the game files here and I will post an update later.
  • Update: I tried verifying game files integrity from both game's client and steam's and nothing changed.
  • SrosaSrosa ✭✭
    same here it keep kicking me out, same to my party member like blaming each other
  • My and my friends are having the same issue. Highwatch server. XP buffs are ticking down and we can't do dungeons. What a waste.
  • Hello Highwatch Friends.

    We will restart Highwatch server at 4:30 to remedy this.
  • seraphinushseraphinush ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2016
    AV here- can't get in as well. was trying to get into Kalivan's Challenge but noone in the party was able to head in

    I got dropout because of it too...
  • 4:30pm pacific time right? so, it will be in around 35-36 mins from now on.
    Lets hope it fixes this issue.
  • We'll cycle all dungeon servers at 4:30 as well.
  • Thank You for listening :3
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