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I was talking with some players and what about create a lore book?
The lorebook would contain every piece of lore. So its easier to find and have some good read
maybe @Halrath can help.

he idea isnt just link like https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/305/the-big-lore-thread-what-we-know#latest
but create a book.


  • My thoughts are do it since its no telling what will still be here a few years down the pike.
  • TianaTiana ✭✭✭
    If they did this they cannot take any inspiration from player based information. It would strictly be from in-game Material. Because of that the book would fall a little bit flat because they're good bit of holes in North American lore, especially compared to Korean lore.
  • Because a lot of the "lore" came from pre-launch marketing efforts, they exist on external sites and such. They basically own the copyright for that material's reproduction. It's a cool idea, but publishing a book would not be feasible for us.

    Much as I wish otherwise. I totally <3 the lore.
  • So you are saying EME gave away the rights to the stories, that we read prelaunch on various web sites and EMR does not own the material your writing team created.
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