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EME... Elna's from Tempest Reach

Not celestial hills... unless TR is the new CH :thinking:


  • PantyPanty ✭✭

    Hi, I'm Elna the artist behind that drawing. There is a mistake on the text. It says Elna from Celestial Hill server but I'm from Tempest Reach.
    Im not sure if you distributed the EMP yet but I would be pretty upset if it was given to the Elna FROM CELESTIAL HILLS BY MISTAKE.....


  • EMP is being rewarded this week. Don't worry, your prize didn't get sent to the wrong Elna!

    We'll get the text changed asap. I'm not sure how we got the wrong server on there.
  • PantyPanty ✭✭
    ahh okay, that's good to hear. THANKS SPACE CATS!!
  • No problem, sorry for the confusion.
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