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Gamepad Set Skill direction Removed completely

Why? Why did they change something that wasn't broken? I've been playing TERA since it went f2p with this and now it's so hard to play without it and impossible to block things.. It'll be so hard for console players for this too... I want this feature back, or is there someway to toggle it?


  • Can confirm same issues here after latest update.

    But no one can say the bug hasn't been fixed when the feature has been completely removed! Genius!

    Seriously though, this is sad comedy.

    TERA is going to launch for PlayStation and XBox and a gamepad bug is "fixed" by removing the feature. I know it's not constructive to say it, but it is what it is - pathetic. I played TERA specifically because I could use a gamepad. I enjoy playing with dual analog controls. Having nearly all my skills restricted to just camera direction is immensely frustrating. Whether it's being handled as a low priority, proving difficult to fix, or it was actually decided to drop it, I feel bad for people who are going to try TERA for the first time from a PlayStation or XBox.

    Launch all the new content you want. Have all the holiday and anniversary celebrations you want. If you're satisfied with the industry standard of prioritizing new stuff over preventing new bugs and fixing old bugs, fine - more sad comedy - you won't get a penny from me.
  • I've sent this to BHS and scheduled it for our call. We'll update you when we learn anything.
  • I cancelled my Elite when it was first broken, and it looks like I will be joining the "gg no re" train in not giving another penny to the company that brings us the "sweep it under the rug" way of fixing things.
  • Halrath wrote: »
    I've sent this to BHS and scheduled it for our call. We'll update you when we learn anything.

    Thank you, Halrath.
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    Wow, I didn't even realize it was removed. I got tired of it not being every skill that was character direction vs camera, the lack of consistency was too much, so I put it back to camera only myself and increased my turn rate to beyond the maximum in-game setting. I did that using xpadder, which i also use to assign Interact to LB (my way of dealing with chain skill and interact interfering with each other).
  • Tenshi1Tenshi1 ✭✭✭✭

    Here's Halrath's post in my thread if you guys want to read it
  • Here's what Halrath posted in another thread in regards to this issue.

    "I’m sorry it took so long to research this issue. Here’s what we found.

    Removing the ability to set skills to camera-facing or character-facing is not a bug. BHS intentionally made the change in v54, but didn’t communicate that with us. They also removed the UI elements in v55, also by design. We have expressed your concerns about this matter and emphasized that loss of functionality was a real problem for our controller-using playerbase.

    BHS explained that starting in the next build version (v56), some skills will be camera-facing and others character-facing, but we will not be able to configure them. We will publish a list of these skills when we launch v56."

    This is extremely frustrating. As someone who has played this game with a controller since launch, this has ruined the game for me. I understand that this was a design choice made by BHS, but it is frustrating none the less. Playing as a Warrior and using a controller, the ability to pull off the majority of your skills in any direction was a big part of the experience. I hope the devs are smart enough to implement the full use of this feature in the console version of Tera. Being able to use ALL of your skills in any direction is ideal for controller play.
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