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  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    power of e r p brought up CH fast.
  • To address the overall issue, all Servers are being restarted.

    I know your smart enough to know that this is a short term solve for this, you have been around for a long time. I hope you might pressure management in EME some how to actually solve the problem and not just keep this joke of fixes going.
  • Some servers are back up.
  • since 6hr off?
  • BellineBelline ✭✭
    See you guys ingame <3
  • why tempest reach doesn t working ..
  • why tempest reach doesn t working ..
  • HPRFCJWTW6 wrote: »
    As an update, it does appear they have identified the cause, and are starting work to correct it.

    Anyway you could let us in on this cause?

    I wouldn't be able to provide the exact specifics, but it is my understanding that there was something that had caused our Account Login System to stop working, which essentially prevented any player who wasn't already logged in from being able to access, and any player that may have crashed would not have been able to log back in.

    With all peeps logging in yesterday it's not surprising the log in crashed :/.
  • This server isn't up yet !

    Wake it the f up !!!

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    Lionadias wrote: »
    Lionadias wrote: »
    Idk this is not even funny anymore. Getting sick of all the Server side lag, that they somehow can't understand or figure out how to fix. You can only ignore it for so long before your servers constantly DC and stop working. Idk what EME is doing been happening for so many patches for years now.

    I'm starting to burn and flame tbh. Dunno how long I will be playing this patch but I hope they [filtered] me off a little more so I can quit this game due to the terrible Costumer service from EME and their team. I pay for elite and everything, I can barely even play the game without having 20 second SEVER SIDE lag. I know it isn't me trust me EME you can not blame it on my internet.

    Like this is just sickening and EME should be sold off or disbanded by BHS.

    For me, it's not even the lag. I'm tired of the whole grind, so I'm gonna stop playing once I get my Ambush weapon and gauntlets to +15, get some new mid-tier armor and accessories and do as many dungeons as I can until I've had my fill. The game play is addicting, but you can only handle the grind so much.

    Yeah thats fine but you dont enjoy the game thats fine. I enjoy it. But I do not like how the game is being handled by the employee's and the constant server lags thats been going on since before Valk and I know they get reports from a lot of players and they disregard them because of them being unaware cause they don't play their own game to experience it and how frustrating it is for hard core players. I understand sometimes its hard for them to not realize they have a problem because people outside report lag when they have like 200 MS because they aren't NA. But there has been lag spiking regardless of NA or not and they haven't been able to fix it, and then goes on to let the servers crash multiple times.

    Yeah, that the other reason I've been getting turned off the game. I'm not a hardcore player, but I'm not a casual player either. I played solid for 2 weeks just to get the mats I needed to make my weapon, gauntlets and Keen III etchings because I got sick of groups wanting +15 only. I've also been watching the forums as well as global over the past few weeks for news and tips, and I can say without a doubt that they've probably been the worst weeks I've ever seen in terms of public relations between the staff and community and I've been playing since open beta. 5 years. These lag spikes are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Jinsoyun wrote: »
    This server isn't up yet !
    Wake it the f up !!!

    All Servers should be up now, so if you're still unable to access, you can feel free to either make a Support Ticket, or PM me with a screenshot of where you're getting stuck.
  • no reset .... ugh what a waste
  • Server is back tho it has not reset cooldowns. I mean daily cds. Not asking for compensation or so. Just the daily cds pls
  • Server is back tho it has not reset cooldowns. I mean daily cds. Not asking for compensation or so. Just the daily cds pls

    I believe that was originally reported last night, and our Production Team is looking into it. I believe the reset times were changed unintentionally, and hopefully they can be readjusted back to the normal times.
  • @CobaltDragon Good morning, the server restart did not reset my instances. [sad-face]
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