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Anniversary Tokens



  • CandyMomokoCandyMomoko ✭✭✭
    Hah ... hahahahaaha!! *mental breakdown laughter*

    OMG you guys, seriously what are you doing at EME?
    I thought finally we were getting some good news with the token changes, and now this? WHY make them tradable and bankable from the start if you are gonna change your minds once the event is live? What the actual heck?

    I'd honestly love to know what kind of twisted train-thought goes in the mind of whoever aproved this decision. Is 100% ridiculous.
    Do you want tera to die? Because if you keep this up, this is were the game is going. The forum posters are probably not even half of the game population and look at all this frustrated posts and coments. One after the other.
    And that scares me. I absolutely love tera but you are pissing off your clients so much, you are killing your own game. Please stop, I'd like to keep on playing it for many more years.

    I keep on trying to stay possitive, but when you get me to post like this is because you are going too far. Enough is enough, change it back to bankable at least if you don't want people to make gold out of trading them. Or try this, try farming 600 tokens with 1 character yourself, 'cause I bet you haven't even tried playing the event yourself. Then you'll understand they need to be bankable.
  • Closing this since it's a duplicate. There are more answers in the stickied thread.

    Tokens will be made bankable next Tuesday, items costing 350 tokens or more will be carried over into week 2, and prices have been reduced in the shop. Please move the discussion here: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/14661/updated-anniversary-tokens-5-10-17
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