Honorable Mentions?! [Loading Screen Contest]



  • Tenshi1Tenshi1 ✭✭✭✭
    Ginjitsu wrote: »
    Hwasa wrote: »
    Holy crap, the honorable mention loading screens are insanely good!!! Like, how did they not win??
    Especially this one:

    http://i.imgur.com/V2ARp5y.jpg (Seriously, how in tf did this not win???)

    It needs more pink!

    No, no it doesn't
  • Tenshi1Tenshi1 ✭✭✭✭
    Minimana wrote: »
    That second makes my eyes bleed when playing late at night, seriously whats with those super bright backgrounds.

    They upped brightness/saturation on all of them for reasons I don't know.

    Not to self-promote but, my original submission (with a few adjustments to faces/lightbeams I made a few days after submitting): OVuPZHH.jpg

    And how it appears ingame: WI7xAcs.jpg

    I don't know if it's compression or they have to convert to a specific color profile, but I think it's a big change.

    oh there's no changes at all. their body still the same sexy as before and also their foot. nice pic B) i like their good azz :)

    They made the colors a bit brighter, at least I can tell from the sky

    Adorable pic, I thought it was really cute <3
  • Zoknahal wrote: »
    Still waiting on EME to fix the winner entry btw. Elna is from tempest reach, not celestial hills.

    I believe that will be fixed after tomorrow's maintenance. I'll triple check though!
  • They upped brightness/saturation on all of them for reasons I don't know.

    My guess is that it is part of the process of turning them into loading screens. I'll look into it, though, and see if there's a way to reduce that effect.
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