EME should make it official



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    Besides the only possible reason they won't make it official is because they have no idea
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    they said in stream the console version isn't even in alpha yet...not even PRE alpha yet........so there won't be any more info on it for a long time to come...until like autumn or w/e

    According to the trailer, I mean it's totally not official right??? According to the game trailer it says coming 2017, the game is in it's alpha stages. More than likely "they" whoever they are, said it's not in alpha to avoid any rumors or hype. I expect to see news about it during this years E3 with an end of year launch date. I'm not here to speculate or spread false rumors, it's all online, here's proof.



    Are you sure that's not some fan created Facebook?

    That's not an official page. We'll use the verified TERA page for console news & announcements.
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    *cough* *wheeze*

    nice photoshop *cough* *wheeze*

    Not photoshop. It was inspect element :3
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