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Your Favorite Dungeon



  • RG
    Rifts Edge

    all of them are great
  • I am sad that we have lost so many dungeons or that so few run the old dungeons. It really sucks that so few do story quests.
  • FurhyanFurhyan ✭✭
    edited May 2017
    Bathysmal Rise NM and HM
    Rift's Edge NM and HM (old version)
    The old version of Wonderholme HM


  • Yess Wonder Holme was so much fun! It was fun watching people do the dungeon honestly.
  • BonbonnieBonbonnie ✭✭✭
    Sinestral Manor. :3
  • I really miss Ruinous Manner. Now I get to be a carpet in Velik's Hold Hard Mode and Velik's Sanctuary.
  • Kelsaik's Nest hard mode. The original and best with the fire and ice weapons.
    Honorable mention: Manaya's Core hard mode. Or just Manaya's Core, before the nerfed "normal mode" was introduced.
  • Kelsaik's Nest still kills people to this day. It is kind of amusing to see. @Somegirl547
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