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Did they straight up kill slayer in PvP?

Whenever I backstab, people can just walk away from me and ignore root and slayer doesn't seem to have super armor anymore? Whenever I throw any skill like KDS, HT, or WW, I seem to get staggered out of it.


  • KDS, HT, and WW are all super armor. You are probably canceling too early and you get punished for it. They do still have super armor. If the other person has tenacity/GS/block up your backstab wont root. Keep all that in mind before you blindly backstab or use your super armor skills. If you have questions you can pm me on FF (Coool). suuuuuh
  • ^^^
    Ending your Super armors early are easy to read off of and will often get you bullied into submission. You can take a better look at what i mean in the official slayer handbook. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CyJcWV31B_BmVieTRPlFoYvbJX2eWk2EaDilDXmMncg/edit
  • ElinerdElinerd ✭✭
    that's a lot of words for "mash spacebar"
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