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Elite perks, boxes not being delivered

• What happened: My elite perks are not being delivered consistently. 2 days in a row, no boxes
• Date and Time the bug was witnessed: today, yesterday.
• Reproduction Steps: logging in, I guess.
• Screenshot: of what? boxes marked as 0?


  • TibixTibix ✭✭
    edited May 2017
    same issue here and confirming with elite guild members date 5-9 and 5-13 no elite boxes we are on the tempest reach server. submitted ticket as well (currently 1:39 am eastern on 5-14 still no boxes)
    EDIT So far 5-16-2017 no boxes again currently 12:47am 5-17-2017 eastern
  • same here no box
  • Dyne81Dyne81 ✭✭
    boxes were not delivered today once again
  • kosaikosai ✭✭
    +1 Elite gift boxes boxes not appearing at all
  • same here, it happened 3 time this week
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