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This is a rant,

Backstory: I decided to post here because I'm a returning player. I left little before the lvl65 patch, and returned 3 weeks ago, got to play before and after the latest tier 12 gear patch. I play 3 characters, lancer and warrior 60-65, and ninja 1-65. Geared the lancer and warrior full misery+12 with new jewelry and ninja full Guile+12.

Now: I've spent a healthy amount of money on this game (I do on games I really liked), but that was before I left. So I had a lot of costumes on 3 characters I wasnt planning to playing again because gearing so many alts just takes too much time. So I asked in a ticket, which took 3 whole weeks to get answered, asking if I could get my costumes on those characters rebound not unbounded to different characters in the same server of the same account, answered was no with no alternative nor real help.

Why should I spent more money when I don't get treated well as a paying costumer, tiered in-game items that become useless, no real events for their own [filtered] anniversary, hell even their official guides are as old as when I left.

TLDR: Cons drown out the pros in this game, no point in staying.


  • Spend more money.
  • iNjzaiNjza ✭✭
    Maybe their game system doesnt support this.. Either way, i dont see how this is a mistreatment.

    The one thing i can probably pick from your story to gripe about is that it took 3 weeks for an answer.
  • ShikineShikine ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2017
    They rely on micro transactions and essentially end game is all about dress up.
    Why would they rebound your costumes? it clearly says it will be soulbinded when you put it on, its your own decision whether you bind it or not.

    Additionally this game would be dead or p2w if they would rebind costumes as there would be no more income.
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    There is a reason why costumes or any item in general have to be soulbound lol. No reason to get more than one costume when you can always rebind your costume on different characters, which means you don't even need much money if you are just content with 1-2 costumes. With nearly no other reason to spend in the cashshop, it makes more sense profitwise to make items soulbound to the character if the item is permanent.

    If gearing alts take too much time for you and you feel like your costumes would go to waste through soulbinding, just put them on your more played characters lol. Yes I know it meant that there is no way to solve your situation but this is one of the times where you have to accept that fate.
  • SaphirKanzakiSaphirKanzaki ✭✭✭✭
    ali3ro wrote: »
    no point in staying.
    Then stay away. If you can't go with their monetarization concept, leave Tera. Other games make their money by throwing out legendary weapons in their cash shop, also soulbound to one single character. Try asking them if they transfer the weapon to another character.

    - 3 weeks for a ticket
    Basically because of you. Come to the forums, ask your question here. We all could've told you that it's useless to change something about monetarization. Restoring paid items, taking your costumes with you in a name change and so on; no problem.
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