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Battle Solution Issue

I noticed something after playing for this past week or so. Has anyone else had this issue?
I've been using the 30 min Prime Battle solution this past week and it says it gives a set of effects for 30 minutes. NOT 30 MINUTES OR UNTIL DEATH. Yet when I die it disappears, it used to give option to pay for resurrect but I don't get that either... I'm super pissed off that I have gone through so many bc I suck and die a lot. IF IT IS MEANT TO BE LIKE THIS FIX THE DESCRIPTION. I'm angry. I'm confused. I'm very dissatisfied.


  • Haggard86Haggard86 ✭✭✭✭
    Only rookies in a dungeon get a pay to res option, you get skilled after 5 runs and no longer have that res option. Also a lot of things don't last through death, like buffs and nostrums. You'll just have to get used to it
  • :/ well [filtered] I guess I need to up my game. Really wish it said until death on it though ;.;
  • Honestly I wish it said it too. Often times someone who doesn't know that will die and res and not re-use battle solution.

    But I see the mana drain and remind these people so np :3
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