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Cannot get into the game

Hi there! I am an Elite player in Tera for 1 year. =)

Just before 5/18 I can play Tera well, but after 5/18 0:00 PDT I cannot connect to the NA server Ascension Valley which is my main server.

My internet is good, because I can play all other games like Black Desert, League of Legend and so on (also surf the internet for any web page).

I can log into the server, but after loading my character by 100% it just disconnects immediately, and it says my internet issue. However, my internet is good.

I tried the diagnostic tool, and it yields a text which says all good except the PORTS:FAIL.

Please give me some help.......

I tried re-installing the game (tried both downloading from Tera website and from Steam), nothing works.

By the way, I am in Riverside, California.

Thank you all.

A player in confusion

05/18/2017 o:)


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